Slave to the Skrulls

“Who? Who do I fight?”

Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel, was facing a harsh decision. The Skrulls, a shapeshifting alien race, had been infiltrating many of Earth’s top decision makers and nobody had any way of detecting who was a Skrull and who wasn’t. Ms. Marvel was patrolling space when a ship was detected entering the atmosphere. S.W.O.R.D. told her that it was a Skrull ship, so the heroine called in the Avengers and attempted to intercept. Upon finding the ship, she found… the Avengers!

Iron Man relayed to her that they had been captured some time ago and only recently escaped, and that the Avengers here on Earth were Skrull imposters and were after Wakanda’s vibranium. However, when the group neared Wakanda’s borders, Black Panther appeared and called the other Avengers the imposters instead. A battle waged, and eventually Hawkeye and Wasp joined the fray as well. Both sets of Avengers acted exactly the same, making it impossible to tell who was who.

“Ugh. Dammit! Enough of this!”

Ms. Marvel powered up and made a final decision. She trusted that her friends had been captured and had recently escaped, especially believable since the Skrulls have been infiltrating Earth for months now. The heroine charged forward and blasted Hawkeye, Wasp, and Black Panther, knocking all three heroes out. The other Avengers took care of the Wakandan soldiers before piling the three other Avengers in a pile. Carol walked forward, hoping that she made the right decision.

She didn’t.

Before she could react, “Iron Man” send a powerful blast into Ms. Marvel’s body, causing her to lose consciousness. As Carol’s eyes began to close, she saw the fake Avengers revert to their true Skrull forms, grinning at the success of their duplicity. Then, her world turned to black.

Some time later, Carol began to wake up. She shook the cobwebs out of her head as she tried to remember what happened. Remembering the Skrulls impersonating her friends, she sat up in a jolt, only to realize her body was bound. Rope was tied around her ankles and knees, with spreader bars between them keeping her legs in a diamond shape. More rope was tied around her wrists with more rope tied around her biceps, also tied to a spreader bar. Normally, this kind of bondage would be nothing for her to break out of, but no matter how much she tried, for whatever reason she could not summon her powers. Suddenly, she heard a door open.

“Ah, I see you’re awake now,” the Skrull man said. He was large and muscular, and his green, scaly skin was well toned.

“What did you do? Where are my friends?” Ms. Marvel shouted, struggling to escape her bonds.

The Skrull chuckled and raised his hands to calm the frantic heroine, “Now, now. No need to be so nasty. Your friends are safe… for now. Though I do have to thank you. Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to round up the rest of the Avengers. Now, my compatriots have taken control of Wakanda and are currently in the process of taking over governments around the globe. With the ‘Avengers’ vouching for us, it’s become pitifully easy.”

Carol was shocked at his words. If what he said was true, she had to escape back to Earth if they were going to have any chance to fend off an invasion. The Skrull man slowly walked up to her as he talked until he was right in front of her.

“Again, thank you for the assistance. Our takeover of your planet is almost guaranteed to succeed thanks to you.” The Skrull said as he leaned down and cupped Carol’s chin.

His words shook the heroine to her core, a tear escaping her eye. She wanted to protect her planet, but a costly decision would result in its enslavement. Ms. Marvel was so shaken by this realization that she didn’t struggle when her captor leaned over and kissed her deeply on the lips. It took a few minutes for the motion to register with her and she began struggling. He soon let go and laughed.

“I like your spirit, Earth wench. As a reward for all my hard work on this invasion, I’ve been given the task of training you to be a future slave of the reborn Skrull Empire. Oh, and if you’re wondering about your powers, this room is emitting a special field that nullifies your super powers. Now, let’s begin, shall we?”

Before Carol could contemplate what he wanted to do, the evil Skrull reached down and tore off parts of her costume, exposing both her breasts and her pussy to the cool air. Blushing, Ms. Marvel tried to scamper away, but bound as she was, there was nowhere for her to go. Her trainer grinned as he removed his uniform, showing her his large, green, muscular body. Carol gasped in shock as the naked form towered over her, and gasped even harder upon seeing his giant, veiny, green cock standing erect before her. It had to be at least ten inches long and over two inches wide! There was no way it was going to fit inside her!

Renewing her struggling, Carol began to scream for help, praying against hope that someone, anyone, would come to her aid. However, no help came, as the evil alien before her grabbed her thighs, pulled her forward, and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. The invader came in close, licking Carol’s face to taunt her. His massive frame enveloped her body, making her feel smaller and weaker than she had ever felt before. Grabbing his dick, the alien began to push his mighty organ into her pussy, and Carol screamed in pain once again. He grunted as he forced his way into her dry pussy, stretching her beyond anything she thought possible. Carol was no virgin, but she had never been with a man that was anywhere this big.

After lodging his dick in a few inches, her rapist stopped, savoring the woman’s trembling body before him. Carol continued to grunt in pain, any pride and bravado she normally had was long ago drained away. When he stopped, she once again looked up into the monster’s grinning face. The look of absolute victory plastered on his head made the heroine shudder once again, her body screaming in pain in anticipation of the future abuse it would suffer.

Satisfied with Carol’s fear overcoming her, the Skrull trainer grabbed her shoulders and roughly slammed his cock straight up her pussy. He thought the heroine’s eyes would pop out of her skull, they went so wide. Her screams were music to his ears and even though her pussy wasn’t well lubricated, he did manage to delve deep into her womb, which quickly enveloped his cock tightly. He sighed in pleasure as his slave slut succumbed to his cock in seconds.

For Carol, however, it was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Her whole body was aflame, and when he started to pump her body in and out, stretching her limbs and cunt in ways she never would have believed possible before this. She desperately prayed to get her powers back, but no matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t break her bonds at all. Whoever tied her up was really good at their knots. The helpless heroine couldn’t help but scream in pain as her body was ravaged by the evil alien.

Unfortunately for the woman, she felt her body began to respond to his thrusts after a few minutes. Her nipples became fully erect, which didn’t escape her rapist’s notice, as he leaned down and began to fondle and knead her breasts as he continued thrusting. He pinched her nipples, causing her to yelp each time, and soon after he leaned down and began to lick and chew her boobs. The rough attention was starting to get to the woman, and before long, she began to moan. Worse still, the pain in her pussy was beginning to numb as her juices began to coat the invading cock.

Smiling at the heroine crumbling so quickly, the Skrull began to pound her harder and harder. Using his shapeshifting powers, he changed the shape of his cock, putting veins and ribbing on the organ and changing the shape to fit her womb, causing the woman to moan loud harder than ever before. He then shifted his hands into tentacles, encircling the heroine’s arms and breasts, massaging her bare skin to increase her arousal. One tentacle finger wrapped around her throat and, once she moaned again, stuffed itself inside her mouth. As much as she wanted to bite down on the appendage, Ms. Marvel’s body didn’t listen to her, instead licking and sucking the organ without thought.

He ravished her body for a long while, stimulating her every nerve and destroying her mind in the process. Carol hated her body for melting so quickly to her rapist’s touches, but she couldn’t help but admit that he was a better lover than she ever had back on Earth. The admission sent her over to the top, causing her to cum multiple times over the massive cock pounding away at her pussy. This fact did not escape her trainer’s notice, making him mock her for being so pathetic. Carol whimpered in shame, which caused her to orgasm again.

Eventually, the Skrull could hold on no longer and was ready to explode. Right before he was about to finish, he transformed the tentacles back into hands and pulled out, letting loose all over the ravished heroine. Before Ms. Marvel had any idea what was happening, she felt sticky liquid shooting all over her body and face, realizing quickly this was the Skrull’s sperm. She tried to scream at the horror, but a few spurts shot into her mouth, which she swallowed involuntarily. The rest of the seed covered her torn costume, her face, and her hair. Satisfied, the Skrull trainer put his uniform on and left, promising to return to continue her training later. He laughed as Carol just lied there, tied down, absolutely caked in Skrull seed.

The reality of the situation erased any hope of escape she had left.

Entering the cell, the Skrull trainer smiled.

In front of him was a naked Carol Danvers, on her knees with her head bowed. He had ravaged her body for weeks now, and it wasn’t long before any fight she had left was erased. He didn’t even need to keep her tied down any more, as she willingly spread her legs upon his order. Then again, keeping her awake and exhausted proved to be very good at destroying the pitiful woman’s mind, which helped a lot. The remnants of her costume were hung on one of the walls of the cell as a constant reminder of her former status.

Upon entering the room, he stood before the slut and stuck out one booted foot. Without prompting, Carol leaned forward and began to kiss and lick his boot. She still found it disgusting and humiliating, but the torture and training she’s experienced the past few weeks long ago broke her mind. Without her powers, there was no way she was going to escape, so anything to lessen the pain was worth it.

After a few minutes, her Master told her stop and bring her head up. When she looked up at her Master, she noticed he was holding an electronic collar in his hand. Whimpering slightly, Carol raised her trembling arms and pulled her hair out of the way, letting him snap the collar around her neck with no resistance. Immediately she felt some energy fill her body, making her feel weaker than before. He told her that this collar emitted the same energy as the machines in her cell, which would continue to nullify her powers. Carol wondered if it was even necessary anymore. She had been bombarded with so much of this energy that she questioned if she would ever regain her powers again even if she did escape. Master attached a leash to Carol’s collar and pulled her forward, leading her out of the cell for the first time since she was captured.

Knowing better, Carol didn’t get up and stayed on all fours, keeping her head down. She saw several Skrulls walking about. All were smiling and jovial, which caused the woman to worry. If they were happy, that meant bad things for Earth. Despite her broken mind, Carol shuddered as she took in her surroundings. Eventually, she was led to an open room and the former Ms. Marvel couldn’t help but gasp.

Inside the room, Wasp, Black Widow, Mockingbird, Madame Vipe, Maria Hill, Quake, and the Invisible Woman were all being ravaged and raped by Skrull soldiers. All the women were naked except for similar collars to Carol’s. Some were even being double and triple teamed. All of them were moaning and screaming as their bodies were used and abused. Moreover, none of them were bound and none of them were fighting against their attackers.

Her Master chimed in after a few minutes, “Your fellow humans had indomitable spirits indeed, but thanks to the one called Captain America, we learned how to break their spirits very quickly. Our soldiers impersonating them have already succeeded in their missions down on Earth. Humanity has already surrendered to us, thanks to the Avengers.”

As his words resonated with the broken heroine, fresh tears welled up in her eyes for the first time in a long time. Because of her, the Skrulls had succeeded in making Earth their homeworld. She betrayed her friends and now they would all pay for her foolishness.

Lowering her head in shame, Carol began crawling forward. She deserved to spend the rest of her life as a sex slave to the Skrulls, the new Masters of planet Earth.

She mentally apologized to her teammates, assuring them that she would share their fate.

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