Destruction of the Feminists

Julia and Katie were two blonde feminists who were on top of the world. They were quite the busy activists, championing any and all causes that knocked down men and promoted female superiority. They tried to get all the local male politicians kicked out and replaced with female ones, tried to knock out any business that employed scantily clad women in any fashion, and protested against any place that had even a whiff of being sexist. The two of them were only friends with men who knew their place and deferred to their opinions for everything and helped them out with whatever they wanted, especially when it came to physical labor.

Their latest target was a bar and restaurant that employed beautiful women as waitresses in skimpy outfits. To celebrate International Women’s Day, they were running a promotion where women got all the drinks they wanted for only $0.01 each. The two ladies protested that the bar owners were only doing this as a cheap way to get women drunk so they’d be easy pickings for the men. They harassed any customers who looked like they were about to walk in, which drove traffic away from the place.

Mark, the owner of the restaurant, was getting pissed. If the bitches continued their protesting, business would would be sparse at best today and any potential profits would evaporate. He had to admit they were right about one thing, the promotion was to get women drunk very easily, especially given the bullshit “women’s liberation” holiday that today was, but that was besides the point. He gathered his head of security, Henry, and his top manager, Bruce, together and formulated a plan.

Katie’s eyes lit up when she saw the owner of the despicable place, Mark, walk out towards the two women. “End this sexist promotion! You just want to get women drunk to have sex with them! Turn this business over to women and let them take control!” she shouted.

He sighed and walked over, “Ladies, I meant no offense. This was just a simple promotion to allow women to relax and have a bit of fun. We’ve taken all the necessary precautions and I assure you, my security is very adept at fending off potential unwanted gestures any male customers have.”

“Like hell. You just want drunk sluts to drive up your profits!” Julia shouted.

“Ladies, ladies,” Mark said, before acting like he had an idea, “I know! Why don’t I hire you as our brand managers? You could be in charge of making sure we’re not mistreating our female staff and making the place more women-friendly. Does that sound good?”

Both women were taken aback. Katie eventually spoke up, “What’s the catch?”

“No catch. I’ll hire you on the spot. Let me draft up the contracts in my office and you can get started right away!”

The ladies were very hesitant to take him up on his offer, but knew Mark had a lot of pull with the big wigs of the city. If they could control this place, maybe they could control Mark and finally make some headway on getting men out of the control of the city. Both accepted his offer and the three of them walked into the office in the back of the restaurant.

Mark sat behind his desk and pulled up the standard contract form and began to edit the terms to their specific wants and needs. Whatever the ladies demanded, within reason, he included in the contract. Julia smiled. The terms of contract were worded in such a way that, after a few months, they could oust Mark entirely and take over his business completely. This was working out better than they hoped.

The two ladies were so distracted they didn’t notice Henry and Bruce walk up softly behind them. Before they knew what happened, the two women found themselves with chloroform gags pressed against their faces. They immediately began to struggle to escape, but the two men were far too strong to escape from. Within a few minutes, the girls fell asleep as the three men grinned evilly.

Julia woke up with a start. Her arms were aching, but when she tried to pull them, she found they weren’t responding. She instantly regained her mental clarity and remembered what happened. Looking around, the woman began to panic. Katie was lying next to her, her hands bound with rope behind her back. Both ladies were completely naked. Julia noticed that Katie’s mouth had duct tape over it and soon found that her own mouth was gagged in a similar way. She tried to pull her hands and found they were bound the headboard of the bed they were lying on. Desperately trying to nudge her friend awake, Julia’s terror began to overcome her.

Suddenly, she heard a door open and Mark, Henry, and Bruce all walked in. All three were naked, their bodies full of muscle and extremely beefy. She couldn’t help but look downward, seeing all of their cocks getting erect, and all three were big and thick.

Mark chimed in, “Nice to see you’re awake. You little feminists are really annoying, you know that? A girl doesn’t need to protest, she just needs to shut up and suck cock, but you girls don’t know that. All the girls here are very happy with their jobs, and we’re going to show you why that is.”

By this time, Katie had been stirred awake and quickly realized what was going on and began to struggle as well. The two girls whimpered and screamed through their gags as they wiggled around on the bed. The men merely laughed as they began to surround the two ladies.

Immediately all three of them began to paw and grope the helpless ladies’ bodies. They squeezed their thighs, fondled their breasts, slapped their asses, and otherwise roamed all over their helpless forms. Julia & Katie’s struggles did nothing but excite the men. Henry chuckles as he began pinching Katie’s ass, getting her to yelp with every strike. Mark grabbed Katie’s nipples and pulled them in various directions, causing her to whine in pain. All the while, the men continued to degrade them verbally, calling them sluts and whores, telling them how stupid they were for trying to go up against men, mocking all of their causes and protests.

Much to the women’s chagrin, the combination of the constant pawing of their bodies, combined with the verbal degradation and the humiliation of being in this position was having an effect on their bodies. Before they knew it, both ladies felt their pussies get wet and their nipples get erect. The evil men noticed this, of course, and laughed that the two feminists really were sluts who just wanted to be raped. By this point, the two ladies were crying but that was being ignored. Bruce dipped his fingers in both their pussies, causing the two women to shriek. As much as they didn’t want to admit it, he was good with his fingers, as he got them flustered with heat almost immediately. He soon pulled out, his fingers coated with their juices, and then slathered them all over their faces. Smelling their own arousal added to their humiliation, but also their arousal.

After an hour, both women were hot messes, their bodies aching in both pain and arousal from all the pinching and slapping. They were still whimpering and pleading through their gags, but their protests remained ignored. By then, the men had decided to take things to the next step.

Mark knelt in front of Julia and spread her legs, exposing her pussy to the open world. Realizing what he was about to do, Julia renewed her struggles, desperate to escape but being unable to. Her fears grew as she saw Mark grin evilly, before moving his cock up and down her slit. Even though she hated what he was doing, Julia couldn’t help but get wetter when she felt his cock slide over her opening. She closed her eyes and groaned, which pleased Mark greatly as he suddenly rammed into her warm slit. Mark groaned in pure bliss as the warm, tight opening gripped his cock like a glove. This was the best pussy he’s had in years.

Meanwhile, Julia’s eyes bulged when Mark slammed home, shocking her body and letting a fresh stream of tears fall around her face. To her shock, she came as soon as he slammed home, which thankfully he didn’t seem to notice. Julia grunted as Mark began to slam his cock in and out of her pussy, eventually getting a nice rhythm going. She looked up in fear as he leaned down and began to whisper into her ear.

“I’m going to pound you over and over and turn you into a desperate, begging slut. You’re going to work for me, but on the lowest rung. You’ll fuck whoever I tell you to. You’re my whore now, bitch. Your tits and pussy are all you’re worth anymore. Your days as a feminist are over. You’re mine, now, slut.”

As she continued crying at his harsh words, an image formed in her mind. She imagined Mark leading her around like a dog, forcing her to bark for unruly men, and then ordering her to service all the men in the bar as they continued to verbally degrade her. She wasn’t a person, she was an object to be used and abused. The thought of that being her future terrified her, but had the effect of supercharging her arousal and she had another orgasm, screaming in pleasure. He could tell in her eyes that she was already close to breaking.

Meanwhile, Henry had flipped Katie onto her stomach and fingered her pussy some more. The helpless feminist wanted to escape, but found herself subconsciously grinding her hips on his fingers, pleasing him greatly. She expected him to fuck her pussy after a while, but her eyes grew wide when he felt his fingers move up from her pussy and spreading her juices over her asshole. She began struggling anew, but bound as she was, she wasn’t escaping.

Suddenly, she was shuffled around yet again. Bruce laid on the bed below her, groping her breasts and fondling them roughly. Henry helped lift her hips and slammed her pussy over his cock, causing her to squeal. Bruce then started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, and though Katie was crying from being raped, her body quickly acclimated to the invasion and her pussy was gushing. The humiliation of being constantly called a slut by Bruce was just making her hotter.

Then Henry finished what he was starting. He climbed in front of the two and directed his dick into Katie’s asshole. The helpless woman screamed at the invasion and tried to wriggle away, but there was nothing she could do and he slammed home. Katie froze up, her ass crying in pain, and once the two men began pumping in and out of her body, she went completely limp and let the two men abuse her body. Shockingly, her ass adjusted to the invasion relatively quickly, and in less than ten minutes her body was aflame of heat from the double penetration.

The two feminists were roughly fucked for a while, their willpower draining with every thrust, and after a long while, the men couldn’t hold back any longer and one after another began to empty their seed into their prone bodies. Both women had multiple orgasms upon feeling their hot semen filling up their bodies before lying limp once again. The fight had been completely fucked out of them. Mark, Henry, and Bruce eventually pulled out and wiped off the leftover juices on the women’s faces and hair.

The two well-fucked sluts whimpered under the gaze of the evil men, knowing their torment was far from over.

One year later, Julia and Katie clocked in for work and smiled. Once again, it was International Women’s Day, and they were excited to celebrate just how girls are supposed to.

After the constant rapes, Mark reminded them of the power he held and that the two should come back the next day for more training before letting them go. The two girls went to their individual apartments and cried all night, feeling violated and abused. However, they were compelled to follow Mark’s orders and came back the next day. Over the next few months, he continued their training, breaking their minds and molding them into his perfect little sluts before employing them as workers at his restaurant.

They changed into the standard waitress uniform for Mark’s restaurant. Per his orders, they wore a size too small, which emphasized their tits and ass greatly. It was a little uncomfortable, but they always got compliments for their tight bodies and their male customers often slapped their asses whenever they passed. Their response was always a warm smile and a thanks, and they always made sure to bend over when serving meals or refilling drinks.

Though they were initially against it for obvious reasons, it turns out being sex objects wasn’t too bad. They always got heavy tips, and if they were lucky, they’d even be allowed to give the customer a blowjob. Before working here, neither lady had given many blowjobs, but in less than a year they have swallowed several gallons of cum already and loved giving fellatio.

The restaurant was doing another celebration, this time bringing back their penny drink nights for ladies. Their job was simple: Get every lady who walked in as drunk as possible and make sure they left with a male customer who would give them a deep fucking later on.

As the two girls began to serve their first customers, they were thankful Mark fucked all the feminism out of them. He was right. A girl’s job was to please men, and Julia and Katie were among the best at their job.

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