Liberty For All

Kara Danvers, also known as Supergirl, was having a rough go with it. The Children of Liberty have been trying to eliminate aliens all around National City and their big plan on Thanksgiving almost worked. To make matters worse, TV news pundit Ben Lockwood has been getting bigger ratings as the chief rally man for the Children of Liberty, spinning Supergirl’s heroic victory into an unprovoked assault, painting her as the villain instead. Unfortunately for the superheroine, Lockwood’s words were having their intended effect and more people were turning against her.

Not helping matters was Manchester Black, a friend of J’onn’s whose wife was killed by the Children of Liberty. Since then he’s been on a rampage against the group, but was taking things way too far. Instead of merely capturing the men for interrogation or to be jailed, he was breaking their bones and coming close to killing them. He desperately wanted to team up with Supergirl to take down the Children, but with Kara’s aversion to extreme violence, she rejected him.

That is, until Manchester had a lead on where the Children of Liberty were hiding out. Against her best wishes, Supergirl went to meet him, and upon hearing his leads, realized they were hiding out on Shelley Island, an isolated island where aliens could legally immigrate into the US. The island also had power dampeners that cancelled out superpowers. It was shut down after President Marsdin resigned, which makes it a perfect hiding spot. Luckily, Supergirl had a Yellow Sunlight Grenade, which gives off a concentrated burst of yellow sunlight to allow her a quick recharge of her powers. She allowed Manchester to examine it for a minute before flying them off to the island.

Once on the island, Supergirl and Manchester prepared to storm the building. Kara threw the grenade after stepping through the power dampening field, but nothing happened. The grenade was a dud!

Suddenly, numerous Children of Liberty soldiers in their gold metal masks popped up out of nowhere, all holding assault rifles and pointing them right at the superheroine. Shocked, Kara could only stare at Manchester Black, who revealed that he pulled a vital piece from the grenade, rendering it useless. He wanted to meet Agent Liberty, and made an agreement where he could indeed meet him if he delivered Supergirl. Upset at the betrayal, Kara tried to lash out, but the Children wrapped heavy chains around her arms. Supergirl tried to fly off, but another heavy chain around her ankles slammed her down on the ground, knocking her out.

Kara found herself in her bed, where her hunky former boyfriend Mon-El was smiling over her. He began to kiss her face and neck, while his hands roamed and groped her nubile body. The Daxamite was a little rough, but in a good way. Kara smiled and playfully wriggled in his grasp, getting hotter and hotter as he pawed her body.

Then she woke up.

“I see the roach bitch is awake.”

Supergirl looked up and saw the gold metal mask staring down at her and she quickly remembered what happened before she was knocked unconscious. She tried to get up and slug the bastard, but found her body was restrained. Quickly looking around her, she found herself strapped to a table, her arms wrapped up multiple times in heavy chains and her legs spread wide open, also restrained by more chains. Her powers were gone, meaning she was still on the island. She found herself surrounded by many Children of Liberty, all staring down right at her.

“That’s right, roach bitch. You’re our prisoner now. Thanks to your own precious island, your superpowers are gone. The only thing that made you special. Now, you’re the prisoner of us ‘lowly humans,'” the leader of the group said, “You’re right where you belong. Where all you roaches will soon belong, under the feet of humans. Congratulations, Supercunt. You’re going to be a symbol once again. A symbol of what happens if the roaches don’t get the message. Human supremacy will once again be the rule of law.”

Legitimately feeling fear, Kara was about to ask what they had planned when she noticed her costume had been torn. Specifically, portions have been cut out to expose her breasts, and she could feel that the crotch of her leotard had also been cut, exposing her pussy. One of the other Children freely grabbed her breasts, roughly kneading and pulling them. Kara realized the dream she had earlier was because the Children of Liberty had been groping her body as she was asleep.

“Let me go, now! I won’t hurt you if you surrender. Aliens deserve equal rights just like humans do, so turn yourself in and end this!” Kara shouted.

The men all around her laughed almost in unison.

“You’re not only a filthy roach, but a stupid one as well. But still, you at least have some purpose left. The Children of Liberty will soon strike a major victory, and you’re going to be our party favor.”

One of the men, naked save for his mask, then walked up. Supergirl’s eyes widened when she saw his cock, fully erect and pointing directly at her pussy. The muscular man plunged his fingers underneath her skirt and began to play with her pussy. Much to the heroine’s shame, it was still wet from her sex dream of Mon-El.

“Hah! The roach cunt is wet! Looks like she’s been wanting to hump us for a while now!”

Kara blushed in embarrassment as the men around her had another hearty laugh. The leader knelt down next to her head and began to caress her face.

“Is that true? Have you actually been fantasizing about being our slut? Could it be that, deep down, you know your true place? That you’re just a roach? Do you want to be on your knees, begging us to show you how superior humanity is? To offer us your body as an apology for invading our land illegally?” the leader said, stroking Kara’s face and hair.

A mixture of angry and scared, Supergirl stayed silent, merely glaring at her captors as she continued to test her bonds. Unfortunately, she still could not break her bonds, which meant she was helpless to prevent the man in front of her from pulling her skirt up, showing off her glistening pussy, and then leading his cock right into her most private area.

Supergirl involuntarily groaned as she felt the first few inches penetrate her vagina. The evil man was just as well-built as Mon-El, which caused her pussy to stretch wide in the best way. After a few inches, the man then bent down until he was over the prone woman. Kara stared up at the emotionless mask, the symbol of hate for everything she is, staring down at her and any anger she had was overcome by fear. His large form encompassed her completely. All of her life, Kara always felt strong and proud, but seeing this man over her, ready to rape her body, made her feel truly small and weak for the first time in her life.

Then, the event truly began. The evil man above her slammed his dick into her pussy, pushing past her folds with barely any effort. Kara couldn’t help but scream at the sudden invasion, her pussy clamping down around the cock immediately. Of course, her rapist took note of that and told his buddies, causing them to laugh and mock her once again. He began to piston in and out of her pussy hard and fast, eventually finding a nice rhythm. The warm pussy felt heavenly around the man’s cock. None of his girlfriends or even his wife had cunts anywhere near as wonderful as this one. He grabbed onto her breasts and used the mounds as handles as he continued to slam her body again and again.

With the feeling of helplessness becoming clearer than ever before, Kara grunted and screamed as her body was ravaged by the evil human. Before she knew it, tears began to form and leak out of her eyes. Eventually, she managed to get her senses together and tried to put up a brave front. Sadly, that only lasted a few minutes. Once he grabbed her breasts and began to ram deeper into her snatch, Kara dropped all pretense and pride and began to beg him to stop. She promised she wouldn’t stop the Children of Liberty again, if only they would let her go. The group of men all laughed at her humiliation. In response, the group began to undress themselves to eventually have their turns.

As the rape continued, Supergirl’s courage and pride was being washed away by shame and fear, her body straining against the chains and her arms beginning to hurt from the constant tension. Her shame grew as her body began to respond to the powerful fucking she was receiving. Kara’s pussy began to gush, her nipples became erect, and her screams and pleading eventually morphed into moans. She tried to close her eyes and pretend Mon-El was fucking her, but was slapped awake and reminded of her current situation by one of the other men. Eventually, her rapist could hold on no longer and pulled out, slapping his large cock right on Kara’s pelvis. He erupted right then, shooting his seed all over her skirt and torso. A few spurts even managed to land as far as her chest. Kara looked down and felt a new wave of shame at seeing her “S” sigil, a symbol of hope and peace, stained with the cum of her racist enemies.

She didn’t have long to contemplate the symbolic nature of that, however, as the next guy walked up and immediately slammed his cock in. While he wasn’t as big as the first guy, he was still plenty big enough and began to pound her cunt all over again. Kara hadn’t orgasmed with the first guy, but she was close and this guy was pushing her to the edge all over again. Seeing how close she was, the leader knelt down once again.

“Well now, roach. It seems like you’re enjoying this. How about you admit this is what you want? Admit that you’re a roach, that you want us to drag your name into the mud, and that you want to be a roach slut. That you want to serve as the whore of the Children of Liberty. That you want to be a symbol of servitude. Admit that your place is on your knees, that you wanted to wipe out humanity but now want to repent. That you, and all aliens, deserve to be slaves to humans.”

The man’s words had a profound effect on Kara. She imagined herself going on Ben Lockwood’s show, admitting that everything he said was right and apologizing for ever disagreeing with him. Next, she saw herself being the Children of Liberty’s whore, fucking all the members as they rounded up aliens all around National City. Her sister Alex and her friends Nia and Lena were also the slave sluts of the Children of Liberty, enthusiastically pleasing them as their mindset became more and more widespread. As she imagined the worst case scenario, her body got hotter and hotter, her breathing quickened, until eventually she reached the tipping point.

“Admit the truth, roach cunt.”

The dam broke.

Kara cried out at the top of her lungs as she had the biggest orgasm of her life. The men around her all laughed and cheered, but Kara couldn’t hear them. Once she went past the edge, she had even more orgasms, one right after the other. Hearing the men cheer her downfall, combined with her orgasming to such racism and bigotry, Kara began to cry once again, the shame and humiliation overwhelming her.

Soon after, her current rapist reached his limit and also shot his seed across her uniform, making sure to land at least one strand on her “S” shield. He was soon replaced by another man, and while he was able to slide in very easily, it was enough to make Kara orgasm again. Feeling a bit impatient, another man walked around to her head and slapped his dick and balls on her face. Kara did nothing to stop him from rubbing the sex organs across her face, covering her in his disgusting scent. Feeling completely humiliated, Kara obediently opened her mouth, letting the evil man fuck her mouth, his balls slapping against her eyes and nose.

So it went for the next few hours. The Children of Liberty continued to ravage the poor superheroine, using and abusing her body however they wished. As they continued to rape her body, they continued to verbally degrade the woman. To Supergirl’s eternal shame, the more they degraded her, the quicker she would cum. She had given up fighting the men and just let them do whatever they wanted with her. She eventually noticed one of the men with a video camera and figured they had been recording the entire thing. More than likely, it’ll be edited and uploaded onto the Internet to further humiliate her, and there was nothing she could do to stop them.

Some time later, Supergirl woke up in chains once again. She didn’t realize she passed out and wondered how long it has been since she was captured. The fallen heroine found herself in the middle of an empty room, looked like the main tower, with her arms pulled wide and held up by more heavy shackles and chains. She was on her knees, but could not find the strength to stand up. Kara looked down to find her uniform covered in dry cum. She could also taste the remnants of the men’s seed in her mouth and throat, while she could also feel her hair sticky, guessing due to cum as well. The worst part was her crotch, as she could feel cum leaking out of both her ass and pussy as they ached from being abused as much as they were.

If she were of her right mind, Kara would have tried to escape and contact the DEO. However, with her beaten and battered body begging for rest and her mind scrambled by the humiliating rape, the mighty heroine remained on her knees, wondering what the Children of Liberty would do to her next. Eventually, she heard the sound of an energy beam, but before she could question what it was, the building exploded around her, burying her in hundreds of tons of rubble. Kara screamed as her life flashed before her eyes.

Freezing cold water rained down on Supergirl, causing her to wake up immediately and start coughing. The woman found herself on a concrete floor, and after coughing all the water out of her lungs, she tried to figure out what was going on. She remembered the building collapsing around her and thought she was dead. Quickly turning her head, Supergirl looked and saw she was still in her uniform, or what was left of it. All that was left were scraps of her stockings, a few strips from her skirt, part of her sleeves, and her “S” shield, which was so damaged and caked in dirt and cum that it was a shadow of its former hopeful self. As Kara began to get up, she heard a bucket fall down next to her and looked up. Her eyes lit up with fear as Agent Liberty stood above her.

“Hello there, Supergirl. Or, should I say, Ms. Danvers?”

Kara’s eyes widened, “How do you know who I am?”

She heard Liberty chuckle. “It was actually quite simple, really. Your sister told me. See, we actually intended to kill you when destroying Shelley Island, but it seems your Kryptonian body is very resilient, even with the dampeners active. Of course, you were still near death, but my subordinates had so much fun with your body that they convinced me to heal you so you could be their slut again. Which you have, by the way, the entire time you’ve been unconscious.”

Supergirl shuddered as she could only imagine what they did to her sleeping body. She curled up and shuffled up against the wall.

Liberty didn’t pay her any mind, “It’s been about a month since we destroyed Shelley Island. Your ‘friend’ Manchester Black sold you out to try and find some way to kill me, but luckily, I was well prepared ahead of time. On the positive side, he is now with his wife. Your buddy James, the Guardian, has become our mascot. He was actually the one that fired the shot that destroyed the tower. Of course, he was upset when he found out you were inside, as he didn’t want to kill you. Oh, the rest of the world believes you’re dead, by the way. But after releasing the video, he lost his job at CatCo and was vilified in the media. He had no choice but to fully become our mascot. We’ve been growing exponentially since then, and just last week the President himself backed our movement behind closed doors. The Children of Liberty are now in charge of the United States.”

Hearing all of this caused Supergirl to freeze in fear. She couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Oh, but that’s not all! See, one of our men took over the DEO and steered it towards a more… useful direction. Your sister Alex objected, of course, but she was soon made to see the error of her ways, which is how we learned who you were.”

Upon hearing that, Kara became incensed and lept to her feet. Focusing all of her strength in her fist, she charged forward and slammed it right into Agent Liberty’s metal mask.

Her fist crumpled against the hard metal. Liberty didn’t even flinch. Kara recoiled back and grabbed her aching hand.

“Stupid little roach. Of course we copied the plans for the power dampeners from Shelley Island. They’re installed all throughout this place. You’ve been absorbing their energy for almost a month. Your powers are never coming back.”

Kara fell to her knees and began to cry as the reality of the situation fell upon her. Everything she had ever worked for and accomplished was completely destroyed. The Children of Liberty had achieved complete victory and there was nothing she could do to stop them.

Suddenly, she heard a zipper and looked up. Agent Liberty pulled out his erect cock and walked up to her, leveling the tool right up against her face.

“You know what to do, roach cunt.”

Supergirl wanted so very much to bite down and rip the organ off. It was about the only semblance of revenge she could get at this point. But being so cold, wet, and naked, kneeling on the floor in front of this unfeeling man who destroyed her life, the poor girl’s mind reeled. She looked down and saw the remnants of her “S,” which was dirtied and degraded. It was the perfect symbol for herself now.

The broken heroine cried once more, nodded, and leaned forward, taking her enemy’s cock into her mouth and sucking it. Mon-El taught her how to give a good blowjob, so she put all her skills into pleasing the man she hated and despised. She sucked and licked the rod before moving down to the balls for a few minutes, then returned to the dick. She could tell by his moans that she was doing a good job. Part of her was glad to see him being pleased, which got her pussy wet. As soon as she noticed it, Kara felt a new wave of shame and humiliation. Soon enough, Liberty couldn’t handle any more and pulled Kara off his dick, spurting his seed all over her face and hair. A few spurts bounced off and landed on Liberty’s shoes.

“A few drops got on my shoes. Clean it up, roach cunt.” Liberty commanded.

Looking down, Kara once again had a mental fight inside herself. Part of her wanted to give up and surrender, another wanted to fight back and resist. But the resistance part was barely there to begin with and was easily snuffed out.

Supergirl, formerly the world’s premier superheroine, bowed her head and licked the cum off Agent Liberty’s shoes.

“Yes, sir. This roach cunt knows her place.”

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