Gotham Gang Slave (Part 4)

(Read Part 3)

For Helena Bertinelli and Dinah Lance, it seemed like the world was becoming a hellhole. Batman, Nightwing, and Robin were killed going after the Joker, while Lex Luthor had finally gotten his revenge against Superman, and Wonder Woman, along with her sidekicks Donna Troy and Cassie Sandmark, up and disappeared out of nowhere. With the big trinity now gone, the Justice League ended up disbanding. Each hero left to do their own thing. Unfortunately, villains everywhere were popping up, causing the heroes to be busy non-stop and unable to assist each other. Dinah and Helena wanted to track down a mob kidnapping women for a white slavery ring, but they needed help from Batgirl. However, every time they contacted her, she seemed busy. The two ladies then noticed how Gotham was being overrun by a new gang and decided to take care of that first.

Donning their superhero costumes, the Huntress and Black Canary notified Batgirl that they were coming to assist her. Upon entering the city, they noticed how quiet it was despite the reports of rampant crime. That is, until they heard a woman screaming in a back alley. When they arrived, they found four male cops aiming their tasers into the alley. The two heroines saw something that surprised them. It was Batgirl! Naked! She was being raped by two thugs who had torn her costume off, one pistoning in and out of her pussy and another slamming his cock down her throat. The sight shocked the two heroines, leaving them speechless. As they watched the two muscular men hammer their dicks into Batgirl’s tiny body, the two women couldn’t help but get aroused.

Eventually shaking out of the aroused state of mind, they confronted the cops, asking why they weren’t moving in. One cop said that they threatened to kill Batgirl if they moved in. Exasperated at their uselessness, Black Canary told the cops to stand aside as the two ladies stepped forward. Huntress demanded the gang members leave Batgirl alone. The gang members, two white punks with muscular bodies and dyed hair, one purple and one blue, simply looked at the two ladies, laughed, and continued to fuck the helpless woman. Miffed at being ignored like that, the heroines were ready to put these sexist pigs away forever. Huntress readied her bow while Black Canary prepared her Canary Cry when suddenly they felt two sharp prongs jab into their thighs, sending thousands of volts of electricity through their bodies. Unable to fight back, both heroines collapsed, convulsing as the current continued to run through them. Eventually they were rolled onto their backs, where the four cops were looking down at them, grinning evilly.

With the heroines momentarily paralyzed, the corrupt cops got to work. One pulled out a ball gag and fastened it around Canary’s neck, nullifying her Canary Cry, while two others used their handcuffs to bound their arms behind their back. Huntress’ cape was tied into a knot so as to not get in the way. The two ladies struggled to get out of their bindings, but they were still affected by the tasers. They started to really panic when the cops tore open their uniforms. One cop pulled down Black Canary’s bustier, exposing her large melons to the cool air and making them erect, while another ripped the front of Huntress’s costume off, causing her to groan. The corrupt cops smiled at the exposed tits and were ready to start molesting them when a voice told them to stop.

One of the gang members, the one with the purple hair, walked up, still naked and erect, and told the cops that they have first dibs on the heroines. At first, the policemen grumbled, but they soon relented and backed away. The blue-haired punk laughed and told them they would get their turn. He then turned his head and asked Batgirl if the bitches had any countermeasures they needed to worry about. The former heroine, still nude except for her cowl, boots, and gloves, crawled forward and knelt before her masters. She said that as long as both were bound, Huntress’ belt and weapon were removed, and Black Canary was gagged, there was nothing they had to worry about. The two heroines were shocked at what they were hearing. Their former ally bent over to them and told them that she was a slut for the gangs now and that she lured them here so that her owners had more superheroine rape meat to fuck. Seeing their compatriot betray them like this made both heroines’ hearts sink.

But that was enough talking for the punks. The blue-haired gang member grabbed Huntress by the hair and pulled her up. She began to curse out the man, but he simply laughed and pulled her closer to him, trapping him against his nude body. He leaned in and kissed the heroine, forcing himself into her mouth, while at the same time his hands roamed all around her body, particularly grabbing and slapping her ass. Huntress tried to wriggle out of her assaulter’s grip, but he was far too strong and she couldn’t get any leverage. She had no choice but to accept the violation of her body. What’s worse, his roaming hands and the images of him fucking Batgirl earlier popped up into her head, making her get wet against her better wishes. Not helping was his erect dick poking against her legs, twitching at the thought of slamming her pussy. She cursed her body’s weakness as her struggles became less violent.

As for Black Canary, the pink-haired man had instead knelt down next to her and began fondling her boobs. She squealed in her gag as she tried to wriggle out of his grip to no avail. She closed her eyes as her body began to get wet because of the warm fondling, silently cursing herself for getting aroused at being molested like this. The evil man pulled and twisted her nipples, laughing at her cries of pain through her gang. Though her legs were free, Dinah didn’t try to kick her assailant, instead she subconsciously spread them and began humping her hips into the air, making all the men around them laugh. The captured heroine then felt something warm plop down on her face and opened her eyes. She gasped when she saw his massive dick and balls resting on her face. His manly smell, combined with the undeniable smell of Batgirl all over the dick, infiltrated her nostrils and stoked her libido even more. It had been months since she had a chance to fuck Ollie, and the sexually frustrated heroine was at her limit. The punk taunted her again and rubbed his dick all over her face. Dinah tried to move her head away, but was trapped.

Eventually, the two punks got tired of foreplay and decided to move onto the main event. Grabbing the two busty heroines, the punks laid down on the ground and pulled the heroines on top of them. Huntress felt her thong being pulled aside and the punk’s big cock aimed right at her pussy. Regaining some of her sanity, Helena tried to wriggle out of his grip, but the woman couldn’t escape his grip on her hips as he pulled her over to his cock, slamming down inside her tight pussy. With the heroine as aroused as she was, her pussy provided plenty of lubrication and the cock slammed right in with no struggle. As soon as the cock landed home, Huntress’ eyes glazed over and she reflexively let out a loud moan.

Next to them, Black Canary was pulled on top of her assaulter face up. He pulled aside the bottom of her costume and tore open her fishnet stockings, revealing her glistening pussy to the world. Dinah renewed her struggles to escape, but with her hands bound and her mouth gagged, she couldn’t gain any leverage. He held her too tight. She looked down to find his dick lined up and froze when she saw it next to her pussy. It looked FAR bigger than she thought. No way was it going to fit! Dinah furiously shook her head “No” as the punk started inserting his rod into her hole. With her moist pussy providing more than enough lubrication, the punk grunted and slammed his cock all the way in. Dinah’s eyes bulged as the massive cock stretched her pussy and she let out a loud scream through her gag.

The two punks proceeded to relentlessly fuck the two costumed sluts, pounding their cocks into the helpless pussies with as much strength as they could gather. Both grunted in absolute pleasure as the two warm cunts squeezed their cocks instantly and refused to let go. Helena moaned loudly as her body was aflush in heat. Within seconds she was bouncing up and down on her rapist’s cock, begging him to fuck her harder, and was eventually rewarded with a soul-shattering orgasm. Dinah was still in shock by both how big the cock was and how her body was responding to it and grunted in pain as her body was slammed again and again. However, hearing her compatriot’s screams of pleasure broke down what little mental defenses she had remaining and the buxom crimefighter began grinding against the cock herself, having a massive orgasm herself. With the walls now completely demolished, the two buxom crimefighters climaxed again and again on the criminals’ nasty rods, any thoughts of escape or rescue long since gone from their minds. Eventually, the two punks couldn’t hold it in any longer and stuffed their cocks as far as they could go, unloading their seed deep in their unprotected wombs.

Both girls began to pant heavily as their fuck session came to an end. The blue-haired punk grabbed Helena’s hair and pulled her in close to a kiss, which she returned with all the energy she had left, surrendering her mouth to his tongue. Satisfied at the heroine’s new mindset, he released her mouth and stood up, forcing Huntress to her knees and slapping his cock on her face, wiping off the excess juices on her gorgeous features. He smiled as the well-fucked heroine gasped a “thank you” as he degraded the girl.

Dinah, meanwhile, tried to collect her thoughts after the brutal fucking, and the punk raping her pulled her to her knees before wiping his cock off in her hair. Feeling his spunk in her hair and his seed oozing out of her pussy, Dinah could only sit there blushing, humiliated beyond belief at being raped that easily. She looked at her ally and friend reveling at the degradation and tears began to form from her eyes. Black Canary knew they were truly doomed.

There wasn’t much time for the two ladies to rest, as the corrupt police officers were not content to stand by and watch anymore. Batgirl had spent the last few minutes keeping the officers hard, and now all four of them were ready to get in on the action. None of their cocks could even compare in either length or thickness to the punks’ cocks, but they were still plenty enough to help tame a few pathetic heroines. As soon as she saw the cocks, Huntress smiled and bent over, sticking her ass up in the air and inviting them to come over and fuck her brains out. Black Canary initially just knelt there, trying to wrap her head around her friend’s newfound sluttiness, but suddenly one of the punks came up and slapped her hard on the cheek before yelling at her to stick her ass out as well. Resigning herself to her fate, the defeated heroine obeyed and bowed her head, offering her pussy to the police officers as well.

Not wanting to decline such an enticing invitation, the cops took the slutty heroines up on their offer and dove in, two per slut. One officer plunged into Helena’s sopping pussy, immediately eliciting a moan from her lips. The other went around and grabbed the broken heroine’s hair, pulling her face up and slamming his cock down her throat. He grabbed the side of her head and slammed his cock down her throat hard and fast, causing the woman to gag. She tried to lick the shaft, but the rough movements were too much and she simply sat there and let him use her body. The two cops quickly developed a rhythm and caused the aroused heroine to cum multiple times again.

Over at Black Canary, the officers picked her up and once again laid her face up on one of the men. He rubbed her pussy with his cock, lubricating it before he pulled the cock back and slammed it up her asshole. The blonde heroine screamed in pain as her back passage was invaded. Ollie had tried to pressure her into anal sex before, but she always refused, thinking it was disgusting. The pain was almost unbearable and she began to cry freely. The final officer, meanwhile, plunged his cock into Canary’s moist snatch, groaning at how warm and tight it was even after the earlier rape. The two officers slammed their cocks in and out of the helpless heroine, who was screaming in pain at the double penetration. Despite herself, she climaxed to the brutal rape.

On and on it went for the next several hours. The six men used and abused the two women for all they were worth, tearing their costumes to shreds and ravishing their bodies as much as they could. Neither heroine fought back against the constant rapes, instead obeying any and every order given to them. All the while, the men continued to verbally degrade them, calling them sluts and whores, telling them that they were pathetic superheroes and that this is what they deserved. Being such beautiful and voluptuous women, being a fucktoy for men was what they were meant to be. The constant humiliation was getting to Dinah, as the image of spending the rest of her life as a sex slave became the dominant thought in her mind. She knew Helena had fallen well beforehand and was having the same thoughts.

Eventually, the men were completely spent and stopped abusing the poor girls. Their handcuffs were taken off and they were ordered to get up on their knees. Having been completely broken, both Helena and Dinah obeyed the order and bowed their heads, awaiting the next order. The only clothes any of them had left was Helena’s mask. All their other clothes were in shreds on the street. One of the officers unlocked Dinah’s ballgag, and slowly removed it, with the others ready in case she fought back, but Black Canary just knelt there, not even raising her head. Batgirl came up and threw down two collars. In front of Helena, she threw a purple collar with an electronic lock, while Dinah got a black collar with an extra gizmo attached. Dinah figured it was a nullifier that would cancel out her Canary Cry. When the punks ordered them to put on the collars, both women did so with no hesitation. The collars fastened with a powerful click, indicating to the heroines that they wouldn’t be taken off very easily. Then one of the punks told them that if they ever got any ideas about disobeying, they would regret it and pressed a button. Instantly, the heroines were filled with hundreds of volts of electricity from the collars, shocking the two and causing them to collapse on the street, gasping for breath. He asked if the girls understood. Between desperate gasps, Huntress and Black Canary responded, “Yes, Master.”

Some time later, the four police officers, now fully dressed, walked into the jail at the police station. The officers in front were holding one leash each, which led to the naked heroines, crawling along on all fours, desperate to keep up, with the other two officers taking up the rear. The six of them walked along and the two new slaves couldn’t help but look. Inside the jail cells were naked women. The District Attorney, several former female police officers, female lawyers, and other women who used to have positions of power now occupied the cells. All wore nothing but a collar and shackles. None of them made any attempt to plead for release or fight back. Further down the jail, the two heroines were shocked to find Renee Montoya, Kate Kane, Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown in their own cells, all naked except for their own collars and shackles, all on their knees, bowing before the men as they walked past. Neither heroine could believe what they saw.

Soon after, they came upon two empty cells. The lead officers opened up the jail door and ushered the girls in. Helena was placed in the cell next to Renee and Cassandra, while Dinah was next to Kate and Stephanie. The officers then locked the doors, telling the sluts to get some rest. Tomorrow, the boss would figure out their works schedule. Some days, they’ll be strippers down at the club. Other days, they’ll be prostituted out to the fine men of Gotham, particularly the criminals who now control the city. Any remaining days they will be used as the personal sluts for the higher-ups. The officers laughed at the heroines’ predicament before walking off.

Now all alone, Helena and Dinah crawled up to the jail door and looked over at their former allies. Dinah was going to ask if they had any chance of escape, but one look at Renee and Cassandra’s faces told her everything she needed to know. The two ladies had a mournful and defeated look on their faces. They had long ago stopped fighting.

There would be no rescue.

There would be no escape.

The corrupt and the evil were in control.

And those who fought for justice were now slaves to the gang.


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