Blog Update

Hey all. Sorry I kinda disappeared for a while. Real life stuff combined with all this cold weather killed any real desire to do any semi-long form writing.

However, I wanna get back into the swing of things. I’m currently writing a bunch of stories to post to the blog – including the final part of Gotham Gang Slaves and one involving Kamala Harris and Kristen Gillibrand losing humiliatingly to Trump in 2020 – but there’s one story that I wanna get some opinions out beforehand. So, I went on Twitter to explain the premise and post a poll. If you’ve been paying attention to the anime community the last few weeks, you can probably tell what inspired this.

So, yea, go ahead and vote, if you’d like, or leave some feedback too. I also do short smutty captions on Twitter occasionally, so if you miss my writings, check out my Twitter page.

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