Katie absolutely adored her husband. He was the greatest man on Earth, and merely seeing him smile made her entire world shine hotter than the sun.

For Christmas this year, she figured he deserved an extra special treat. Katie found a special catalog with all sorts of delectable treats, and this time of year they came in special holiday wrapping. Thankfully, she found the one she wanted in time for the package to be delivered before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Katie placed the new toy for her husband underneath the tree. It was an Asian woman tied up and gagged with rope, while wearing a Christmas-themed bikini outfit. According to the catalog, her name was Yumi, which was thankfully an easy name to remember. She forgot whether Yumi was Japanese or Chinese or whatever, but it didn’t really matter.

After all, she was Asian, and all Asians were sex toys, no matter where they came from.

When Katie’s husband came down to find the little sex toy under the tree, his eyes lit up in delight.

It was the best Christmas present ever.

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