Carla was enjoying being around her boyfriend Dave, but wanted something more. Talking with some of her girlfriends and visiting certain websites, she had a sudden desire to take complete control of the relationship and make Dave her submissive boy toy.

She was going to use her feminine wiles to entrance him, tie him up, then tease his cock endlessly until he broke, eventually being molded into a devoted little slave.

Grabbing the sexiest Christmas outfit she could, she readied a cock cage nearby and waited for Dave to get home from his job.

Unfortunately for her, something else happened. Santa Claus appeared before her! He was real! Knowing what she was up to, Santa chastised Carla for being so naughty, so she needed to suffer a form of punishment.

Using his Christmas magic, Santa restrained and tied up Carla, gagging her as well, then moving her under the tree. He told her that, as punishment for being so wicked and wanting to torture her innocent and nice boyfriend, the tables were going to be turned and she’s going to be the slave instead.

When Dave came home from work, he was initially shocked to find his girlfriend tied up on the floor, but noticed a note nearby and read it. As he continued to read, a smile slowly creeped up on his face. He had always wanted to try mixing some bondage play into their sex sessions, and this was the perfect excuse. Carla became scared as she realized Dave wasn’t going to free her anytime soon.

As Dave looked down at his girlfriend, his cock strained against his pants.

Knowing what he had in store, Carla wiggled in her bonds, but found herself getting wet.

It was a very merry Christmas for all involved.

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