Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 9: Fall of the Bounty Hunter)

(Read Part 8)

For the bounty hunter Samus Aran, things had gotten tough. Ridley’s Space Pirates never seemed to learn their lesson, trying to cause havoc and destroy the Federation with an army of Metroids. As always, Samus was the only one who could stop them. With her Power Armor, she was able to take on the group and defeat them every time, but constantly battling them takes its toll and even someone as hard-edged as Samus needed some time off. At this point, she just wanted to stop being a protector of the galaxy and have a vacation. Maybe find a cute guy and have a good fuck. God, it’s been years since she’s had a good fuck.

Coming upon Earth, Samus decided to contact Princess Peach. Her friend was always go-karting or playing tennis despite being a ruler of an entire Kingdom, so if anyone knew how to relax, it’d be her. She tried to contact her friend, but strangely received no answer. Puzzled, Samus contacted her again, but still no answer. Thinking something strange was going on, Samus flew her ship to a nearby forest and decided to investigate in town. While she would have normally gone out in her Power Armor, she figured people would find her too inconspicuous in that so she went out in her Zero Suit, armed with her shock pistol. Asking around town, apparently Bowser has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach was now living in a large building owned by Wario.

Coming upon the building, Samus decided to enter in the back way to scope out the situation. Apparently, they were advertising a big grand opening in a month, showing off the hottest girls in the land. That cemented things. Peach wasn’t quite as hot as Samus, but she knew the Princess was beautiful in her own right, and it would be well within Wario’s prerogative to “employ” Peach for such a business. The bounty hunter slowly sneaked around, but the building was empty.

Eventually she found her way to a room that seemed to be a high-class stripper joint. There were stripper poles everywhere, couches around each pole, disco balls, the works. She could sense someone was in this room, but couldn’t spy anyone around. All of the sudden, Samus heard cackling laughter all around her and got even more tense. She recognized the laugh as Wario’s, and sensed something coming up behind her. She tried to leap away at the last second, but was just a hair too late. Wario had managed to grab Samus’ jumpsuit and tore off a chunk of the front, exposing the woman’s right breast for all to see. Covering herself with one arm, Samus demanded to know where Peach was and raised her gun at the fat man. Wario simply braced himself, his evil smile growing wider by the second. She could sense the lust oozing out him, which unnerved the woman. She was used to being leered at, but never this strongly. Dude even started drooling.

Chuckling, Wario mentioned that he had hoped Samus could come around so he could “hire” her for his upcoming business. After all, every man in the universe would pay buckets of money for the chance to fuck the mighty Samus Aran. Disgusted by his comments, Samus once again demanded to know where Peach was. Images flashed in her head of Wario raping her friend and she couldn’t help but blush. As the images flashed in her head of Peach being Wario’s sex toy and being used and abused, Samus’s body began to react. Her brain told her that she should be angry, but much to her shock, her pussy was indeed becoming wet.

Noticing her body shivering, Wario figured what she was thinking and began to describe in detail how he raped and enslaved Peach, making her cry out in happiness as he fucked her body relentlessly. His words were having the desired effect on Samus, causing her body to falter ever so slightly. To finish off the job, Wario tore off his pants, exposing his massive cock. Samus’ eyes bulged when she saw the large rod sticking straight out, pointing straight at her. She always figured he had an average-sized cock, but seeing the huge dick had all those images of Peach being raped flash harder in her mind. Without realizing it, she slightly lowered her gun.

Taking advantage of the faltering hunter, Wario leaped forward, at a speed far faster than Samus ever expected, and headbutted straight into Samus’ stomach. With his helmet on, the attack hurt even more. Samus was knocked on her back, the wind slammed out of her. She hit her head on the floor, making her woozy. Before she could regain her senses and counterattack, Wario leaped up and slammed his fat ass directly on Samus, expelling all the breath from her body and making her torso cry out in pain. Before she knew it, Wario pinned the woman underneath his ass, sitting on her stomach. He grabbed Samus’s wrists and pinned them to the ground.

What was most disgusting was that Wario’s big cock was plopped down right between her breasts. And because the cock was so long, the very tip was reaching her chin. Samus tried to throw the evil man off, but pinned as she was, she couldn’t get any leverage to toss the fat man off. She demanded she be released, but in response, Wario smiled and leaned down, flopping his tongue out, he licked Samus’ face, coating her head in his smelly saliva. Grossed out by the act, Samus coughed and renewed her struggles. She felt so, so dirty being covered by this disgusting man’s spit. Wario then laughed and began to pump his cock in between her breasts. Samus groaned as her abuser grinded his body across her chest. The worst part was that, despite what Samus wanted, her body was getting very aroused being in this position. She unconsciously spread her legs and thrust her hips up, almost like he was trying to get his cock in her pussy. And seeing the big tip mere inches away from her face, part of Samus wanted to stick her tongue out and lick it. She used all her willpower to hold herself back, though.

The bounty hunter was titty fucked for about ten minutes, which was pure torture for her. She stopped even protesting, not being able to do much more than grunt and glare. She no longer struggled to escape, knowing it was impossible to throw him off like she was. Wario mocked the girl, noticing her blushing face and smelling her wet pussy. To further the humiliation, Wario let go of the girl’s arms, grabbed her tits, and squeezed them together around his cock. Though her arms were free now, Samus did not move them, allowing the fat man to titty fuck her even harder. The feeling of her large breasts around his cock, even if one of them was still covered, actually felt really good to Samus and made her body even hotter, much to her humiliation. Eventually growing bored, Wario then leaped forward, smothering her face in his crotch. She thought about biting the bastard’s balls off, but the gross smell caused her to keep her mouth closed, so she could do nothing but endure being humiliated like this.

Wario got up, intending to take things to the next level, but Samus finally gained the strength to move and leaped forward, escaping Wario. She yelled at Wario for sexually assaulting her and vowed her revenge. She couldn’t call her armor in her condition, but she spotted her pistol nearby. Samus tried to leap towards the gun, but Wario was surprisingly fast, grabbing Samus’ legs before she could reach the weapon. Though the woman struggled to escape, she couldn’t break her ankles free from Wario’s grip and she couldn’t turn around and use her arms without losing her balance. Luckily, Wario was getting too greedy at this point and let go of her ankle to grab the crotch of Samus’ suit. With her leg free, she managed to kick Wario away and free herself, but not before Wario tore off the bottom of her suit, exposing her pussy and ass to the world.

Crawling quickly, Samus managed to grab her gun, but before she could turn around and point it at Wario, he recovered and leaped up in the air, slamming straight on Samus’ spine. Yelling out in pain, Samus’ body became numb. Even though she managed to hold onto her gun, she didn’t have the strength to lift it up. Taking advantage of the weakened woman, Wario got up and scooted back a bit. Grabbing her hips, Wario pulled her pussy up and, not wanting to waste any more time, quickly slammed his cock straight into Samus’ cunt. Samus was shocked and in pain as her body was invaded, but Wario howled in pleasure. Thanks to all of Samus’ wetness over the past few minutes, his cock slid in very, very easily and with a loud spurt. He didn’t miss this fact and mocked the young woman for being such a slut.

Humiliated by his words, Samus tried to offer a retort, but another slam inside her pussy made her shut up. She tried to swing her pistol around to shoot him, but Wario grabbed her wrist and easily held her arm while still pumping in and out of her body. It was all Samus could do to keep herself together, eventually managing to raise herself on her elbow. To her eternal shame, being raped like this was making Samus even more aroused, her pussy gushing constantly and gripping Wario’s cock as hard as it could. She once again could only grunt against the rape.

Soon after, Wario reached down with his free hand and grabbed Samus’ bare breast, raising her up in order to have more leverage to pump his cock deeper in the whore’s pussy. Samus weakly tried to push Wario away with her free hand, but at this point, she couldn’t escape and deep down, knew it. She looked at Wario and told him he wouldn’t get away with this, but the man simply grinned evilly and leaned forward, once again smothering the woman, causing her to press up against the vile man. He whispered in her ear that he was going to make her one of his top sluts. She would be dancing, stripping, and whoring herself out to her enemies, begging to be used and abused. She would spend the rest of her life using her body to make Wario money. He cemented this by using his big tongue to slowly lick Samus’ cheek.

Samus wanted to vomit being raped and licked like this, but her body was becoming even hotter, and the constant abuse from Wario was doing a number on her. After Wario’s comments, images once again flashed in her head of the bounty hunter being up on stage, dancing and stripping before the drunkards in the bounty hunter bar she liked to visit. She would then crawl naked before the gross men and offer to suck their cocks, as they continued to degrade her for being so stuck up before and now being a slut. She also imagined being tied down to a bondage table and have two lines at either end, being double penetrated by random men for hours on end. Her expression would be pure joy, thanking all the men for using her body and making her such a huge slut.

That was more or less the end of Samus’ resistance. Her body stopped fighting back against Wario, even though she still hated what was being done to her. Wario kept licking her as he continued raping the woman, and Samus was beginning to moan every time he licked her cheek. Soon after, she no longer had the strength to hold her gun and dropped it. Being used and fucked like such a common whore was turning Samus on far more than she thought, and the fact that such an ugly, disgusting man like Wario was conquering her so easily made the humiliation, and thus Samus’ arousal, even greater than before. Wario grabbing and kneading her breast wasn’t helping much either.

Continuing his rape, Wario told Samus to admit she was loving this and that she actually wanted to be a slut deep down. Though she was moaning in pleasure, she was unwilling to agree with her rapist, but her protests were unconvincing at best. He kept needling her on, telling her how all the whores under his command adore working under him and they could become true women. As much as Samus continued to fight it, Wario’s words sounded so tempting. So right. Eventually, Samus could hold back no longer and broke down, screaming she was indeed a slut and wanted to be a sex toy so, so badly. After her admission, she begged Wario to fuck her even more. When Wario went to lick her again, she kissed his tongue.

Having broken the iron-clad bounty hunter, Wario laughed and continued to pound the whore under him. After another half hour of fucking, what little fight Samus had left had been fucked out. She was panting and moaning freely now, her mind scrambled and thinking only of pleasure now. Wario couldn’t hold back any longer and slammed his cock one last time as far into the woman as he could go and let loose his seed, filling Samus’ pussy to the hilt. Once he finished her off, he finally released the woman, letting her fall to the ground. Samus could do nothing but pant and gasp for air, her body completely limp.

After spending a few minutes to recover from raping her, Wario got up and admired his handiwork. But, he knew she would need further training before she really was one of his sluts. He grabbed Samus’ ponytail and dragged her out of the room.

Grimacing at having her hair pulled, Samus made no other effort and just let her body be dragged off. She could feel Wario’s cum dribbling out of her pussy, which felt oddly comforting for her. If Samus wanted to escape, this was her last chance. She knew if Wario got her to wherever he was taking her, she would indeed be forever his whore and do whatever he wanted on command.

Samus made no move to escape.

She wanted a fun, sex-filled vacation.

She got a forced retirement instead.

(Continue to Part 10)



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