Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 8: Fitness Lesson)

(Read Part 7)

It was just another day for Wii Fit Trainer. The world may have been going crazy around her, but that had little to do with her. Her studio got a big boost of popularity after she gained big success in various Smash battles, but in recent times has leveled off. While she was getting enough people to keep her business afloat, there were precious few new people coming into her workout program. Her brother tried to help as much as he could, but no matter what he did, what few fans they had seemed to focus only on her, ignoring her brother so much they’re surprised she even has a brother. As WFT was getting ready for her day’s lessons, she heard the entrance bell ring. She wasn’t scheduled to open up the studio for another hour and intended to tell the guest that when she was shocked by who walked in.

Wario walked in and looked around the studio. He had never ever set foot in this place and would normally have no intention to, but his upcoming business needed the most beautiful women employed and the head trainer here had a large fanbase to exploit. When his target entered the common area, the fat man displayed his signature wide, toothy grin and greeted her. As she stood there in shock, Wario asked if he could hire her as a personal trainer. He told her he was looking to lose some weight and gain some big muscle so that he can bring in the ladies, flexing his arms like he was a bodybuilder or something.

Trainer was flabbergasted at what had happened. She never, ever expected the disgusting Wario to ever come into her studio. When he said he wanted to attract the ladies, she groaned inwardly. Even if he was a muscle-bound bodybuilder, he was way too gross to ever attract any decent women. Normally she would have dismissed this thought, as she wanted to get everyone fit, even gross scumbags like Wario, but her financial situation meant she couldn’t have Wario scaring away her other students. She was about to decline when the businessman produced a check with the amount of money he was willing to pay. Her eyes bulged at the money. It was enough to keep her studio open for five years! Disregarding her previous internal warnings, WFT smiled and invited Wario in to start their first lesson.

Walking into the main studio, WFT asked Wario to stand in front of her and that they would begin with stretching exercises. While Wario did mimic her movements, she could tell he wasn’t putting his all into it and was more into staring at her boobs and hips. She was annoyed by this, but told herself the money was more than worth the humiliation. Once they were finished, she asked Wario if he could be a bit more serious. He apologized, but didn’t seem sincere and he asked about doing some yoga. She gave him a bit of a sideeye, not thinking his motives were altogether pure, but when he reminded her about his check, she sighed and accepted. They started with some basic yoga poses such as Tree, Dancer, and Warrior. Though Wario was clearly trying, his short, stubby limbs just weren’t made for Yoga and he was failing pretty bad.

Going against her greater judgement, WFT decided to move onto the Bridge pose. She laid down flat on her back and rose her pelvis up as far as it could go, moving it up and down as the exercise continued. She purposefully didn’t look Wario’s way, as she wasn’t all that interested in seeing him thrust his crotch in the air, but that meant she wasn’t paying much attention. Before she realized what was happening, Wario stood over her, smiling down. She froze at the peak of her thrust and asked if he needed anything, growing a bit worried about being in such a position under him.

Grinning even wider than before, Wario quickly snaked his hand under WFT’s pants, grabbing her crotch underneath her panties. Shocked at what he was doing, she was about to yell at him to let her go and throw him out on his ass. No matter how much money he was willing to pay, it wasn’t worth being sexually assaulted. However, before she could make any move, Wario’s thick and stubby fingers pushed into her opening. She could feel the slimy, disgusting fingers penetrating her body, but instead of protesting, all she could do was yelp. The gross man began swirling his fingers inside her pussy, and she had to admit he knew his way around a woman’s vagina. In seconds he managed to get her wet, gasping for air. Trainer remained in the Bridge position, unable to lower her body or fight off Wario.

Then, the evil man found his ultimate goal. His gross finger managed to find her G-Spot, causing the woman to gasp in shock. Happy he found his target, Wario grinned evilly and began to massage that spot, driving the woman absolutely wild. She couldn’t believe how easily she became putty in his hands and told her body to fight back and escape before things escalated. Unfortunately, her body refused to listen. Taking advantage, Wario pulled up her shirt, exposing her large boobs, her grey nipples extremely erect. Leaning down, Wario eagerly began licking and sucking on the luscious orbs, coating them in his garlic-scented saliva. The sensations going through her body, from the expert massaging of her pussy to the disgusting chewing of her breasts, was more than the Trainer could handle and she orgasmed, screaming at the top of her lungs. Afterwards, she finally fell back on the ground, completely exhausted.

Gasping for air and embarrassed at having allowed the assault to have gone so far, Trainer tried to will her body to get up and finally kick out the vile man. However, Wario wasn’t done with her. He pulled her pants completely off, leaving her body completely naked except for the shirt bunched up above her boobs, and then proceeded to continue to play with her body. He stuck his finger back inside her pussy and went back to the G-Spot, quickly getting the Trainer flush with heat once again. Whimpering, Trainer finally broke down and begged him to stop and leave, promising that she won’t tell anyone he had assaulted her. However, Wario chuckled and told her they were only getting started. He then took off his own pants and revealed his cock. Her eyes bulged. She assumed his short stature meant the same for his package, but it was quite the opposite. The thick, meaty cock was very erect, twitching towards her body. In her aroused state, Trainer was both excited and terrified.

After letting her admire his cock for a few seconds, Wario grabbed his victim and began to reposition her. Once again, she told her body to get up and escape, but as per usual, it refused to listen to her, allowing Wario to get her on her hands and knees, in a rather prone position for sex. As she realized what was happening, Trainer begged Wario not to rape her, but otherwise made no effort to stop him. Wario laughed, noting that her pussy was gushing, meaning she wanted his cock badly. His words stung, causing the Trainer to be humiliated even more and her pussy to get even wetter. Wario then gripped her hips, teased her pussy a bit with his cock, and then plunged in.

The effect was immediate. Though he only managed a handful of inches at first, Wario was undeterred and began to pump his cock in and out, getting further inside with every thrust. For the Trainer, however, the feeling was unbelievable. She expected to despise being raped and was prepared to scream in pain, but that didn’t happen. No, instead the feeling of penetration was actually pleasurable. Her pussy grabbed Wario’s cock like a glove, while the rest of her body was overcome by a rush of warmth, as if this was something that it had been begging for all its life. Her mind overcome by arousal, Trainer stopped verbally struggling and smiled, her eyes glazing over in pleasure as the cock continued to pound into her. After a few minutes, she even began to beg him to fuck her harder.

Seeing his prey devolve into a puddle of sex so quickly, Wario smiled. She would be his easiest conquering yet. It had only been less than an hour and she was already begging him to fuck her harder. He continued to piston in and out of her tight pussy, loving the feeling of her warm slit gripping his cock as hard as it could. He reached around and grabbed her hanging tits as handles, which caused the young woman to yelp. He felt her orgasm around his cock yet again and laughed, telling her what a slut she was. He was pleased to hear her agree with him, calling herself a slut toy bitch that deserved to be fucked. Eventually, he could hold on no longer and shoved the woman forward, off of his cock. She was confused for a second before she felt Wario’s warm semen spraying on her back and even hitting her hair. The feeling of being coated in his smelly, gross cum made Trainer moan and orgasm yet again.

But she was not finished. Wario reached over and grabbed her hair, pulling her upper half close to him and shoving her face in his crotch. His disgusting scent, mixed with her juices, and the sight of being smushed in his crotch, was strangely intoxicating for Trainer, and she felt herself savoring the smell and sticking her tongue out, licking the juices off of Wario’s veiny cock. He commanded her to lick him clean, and with the order given, she went to work. She licked up and down his shaft, sucked his balls, and made sure to get every last drop before moving on to a full on blowjob. Her skills were surprisingly good, shocking Wario and making him groan in pleasure. As she continued to blow him, Wario mentioned that things would be changing from here on out. In particular, he had a new job for her…

Walking along the hallway, Wario was pleased with himself. His new club was almost finished construction, and the initial staffing was almost complete. All of his plans were coming together quite beautifully. Speaking of beauty, he peeked into the training room to find quite the sexy sight.

Mona, Peach, Daisy, Zelda, Rosalina, Palutena, Leaf, Lucina, Robin, and Corrin were doing their yoga exercises, guided by Wii Fit Trainer. If these girls were going to be whores for Wario, it was important for them to stay fit and limber, and his newest slave was more than happy to oblige. Plus, it allowed the girls an excuse to wear form-fitting spandex, showing off all their greatest assets, which pleased Wario greatly and got his cock hard. He’d have to grab Mona for a quick fuck once their lesson ended.

He wasn’t the only one happy. Trainer adored her new life. This studio was way nicer than her old one, she didn’t have to fear being evicted, she got a consistent class to teach, and she knew her lessons would be put to good use. Plus, she got fucked regularly, which was a great bonus.

Being assaulted, raped, and enslaved was the best thing to ever happen to her.

(Continue to Part 9)


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