Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 6: Lucina’s Pokémon Defeat)

(Read Part 5)

Having taken down the Fell Dragon Grima, the young warrior princess Lucina was struggling to adjust to a life of peace. She had spent her entire life fighting against the evil dragon that ruined her future, and with that task done, she found out she didn’t have much skills otherwise. She had no concept on how to run a kingdom, or how to revitalize an economy, or any of that stuff. She didn’t even have any real concept of relaxing with a significant other. Lucina gave into her passion a handful of times when times were rough before traveling back to the past, but she was never able to settle down. All she knew how to do was fight.

Thankfully, this world had things known as “Smash Battles,” which allowed her to wile away her time on the battlefield. Her father, as well as the Hero King Marth, participated on occasion, but this was Lucina’s home for now. It’s where she felt the most comfortable. The upcoming match was a little different, however. She would be teamed up with Princess Peach against the Pokémon Lucario and Charizard, both of whom were controlled by a young girl named Leaf. Lucina had heard rumors that Peach had disappeared, but since she didn’t visit the Mushroom Kingdom very often, it seems the rumors were exaggerated. She guessed Peach went on vacation or something and didn’t tell anybody.

As the match began, Lucina told Peach to back her up as the swordswoman charged forward. Charizard took to the skies as Lucario nimbly dodged her sword swing, slamming her in the stomach with a Force Palm. Quickly recovering, Lucina raced off to the side of the arena before jumping in the air, swinging her sword down in a heavy motion. Lucario had charged up an Aura Sphere and sent it upwards, blocking the Falchion in mid-air. Rolling to avoid fall damage, Lucina prepared her next strike when Charizard flew in, blowing its Flamethrower. She was forced to dodge forward as the mighty dragon dived past, and before she could recover, Lucario had run right up to Lucina and connected with another Force Palm. Unable to brace for the attack, Lucina was launched backwards, her sword Falchion being thrown uselessly to the side.

Groaning in pain, Lucina tried to shake the cobwebs from her head, but Charizard and Lucario were on top of her before she could reclaim her sword. She called out for Peach to help, but got no reply. The two Pokémon launched their normal attacks, and to Lucina’s dismay, they ripped her outfit to shreds. Seeing her small boobs and stomach exposed to the world, the Ylissean princess tried to cover up her body. Unfortunately, that left her unprepared to endure the Pokémons’ assault. Charizard launched a Dragon Rush, destroying more of Lucina’s outfit, and Lucario followed up with another Aura Sphere, tearing apart whatever remnants remained. The young woman was slammed into the ground and found herself mostly naked except for a few tattered rags, which were falling off as she rose to her feet.

Her body hurting from the attacks and hitting the ground hard, Lucina stumbled off to the side in an attempt to get her sword back, but was quickly surrounded. Charizard flew behind her and wrapped its arms around Lucina’s stomach, trapping her in front of its large belly. Try as she might, the fierce fighter could not escape the dragon’s mighty grip. Lucario calmly walked up and smirked. Blushing in embarrassment, Lucina was forced to accept defeat. However, she spotted Peach walking up behind Lucario. She silently prayed her partner would launch a surprise attack and even the odds, but was dismayed when Peach came up and merely patted Lucario on the head, telling him that he did a good job in the battle. Understandably, Lucina was confused.

Princess Peach explained that the entire match was a sham to begin with. She and Leaf were charged with getting the sword fighter to become employed in the little club Wario was putting together, and knew she wouldn’t go willingly. Dumbfounded, Lucina worriedly asked what club Peach was talking about. She replied that it was going to bring together notable girls from around the planet where customers can pay to have them serve and fuck on command. Lucina was shocked. Peach wanted her to become a whore! Feeling that she’s gone crazy, Lucina demanded she be released and renewed her struggles, but she couldn’t get any leverage and was unable to escape Charizard’s mighty grip. Peach giggled, saying that all the girls needed convincing at first.

The former Mushroom Kingdom Princess knelt down and started rubbing Lucario’s crotch. To Lucina’s dismay, the blue fox Pokémon’s cock began to rise and get erect. Realizing what was going on, Lucina panicked even more. Then she felt Charizard’s dick brushing up against her leg. She tried to pry herself free or punch the animal holding her, but her physical strength wasn’t enough to do anything. Once Peach had sufficiently aroused Lucario, she guided him over to the prone woman. Lucina tried to kick the two away, but her attacks were easily brushed away as Peach enacted the second part of the plan.

Kneeling down in front of Lucina’s crotch, Peach began to rub the trapped woman’s pussy, causing her to yelp in surprise. Thanks to Palutena’s and Mona’s teachings, Peach had gotten quite skilled at getting another woman aroused, and her lessons were paying off. To Lucina’s shame, it took only a few minutes for Peach’s manipulations to cause her body to become flush with heat, her crotch in particular feeling like it was on fire. After a bit, Peach leaned forward and began to lick the sweet pussy. The trapped fighter was helpless to do anything but moan as her attempts to get away began to slowly fade away. She begged Peach to stop and let her go, the pride she formerly had plenty of all but gone at this point. Feeling her pussy get wet very easily, Lucina’s face became red with humiliation.

Feeling that she was sufficiently lubricated, Peach stopped kissing and licking the sweet honeypot and moved lower. Seeing Charizard’s mighty cock, she grabbed it and slowly bent it upwards until it was pointed straight at the defenseless pussy. Peach lowered Lucina down until the pulsating penis entered the glistening slit. The weary warrior groaned in pain as she felt the giant log splitting her in half. Once the first few inches were in, Peach commanded Charizard to start pumping, and he did, pushing Lucina down on its cock before raising her back up and then slamming her back down again.

The feeling was more than the naive woman could handle. Her pussy felt like it was being split apart. Giving up on escape, Lucina raised her arms and gripped the back of Charizard’s neck as support. She began to gasp and scream as the cock continued to pound her pussy. Oddly enough though, after a few minutes, the pain seemed to bleed away and be replaced with pleasure. Soon, Lucina was panting as her body was being stirred up like crazy with the animal cock. Her pussy began to gush sweet nectar even more now, coating the cock and dripping down onto the floor below.

Eventually, Peach decided enough was enough and told Chairzard to stop. The mighty dragon reluctantly stopped fucking the woman, groaning that its pleasure had stopped. Bending down, Peach comforted the dragon by grabbing its cock and moving it backwards, toward’s Lucina’s ass. When she felt the cock touch her asshole, Lucina began to wriggle and scream once again. She had never done anal and didn’t want to try now, but Peach told her she would need to learn about anal if she wanted to be a good whore. Steadying the abused woman, Peach guided the lubricated cock into Lucina’s rear and stuffed it in. Having never felt pain quite like this before, Lucina screamed at the top of her lungs and begged for them to stop. However, thanks to her pussy juice covering the cock, it was able to slide in relatively easily, and six inches of cock went up Lucina’s back door.

While Charizard was busy fucking Lucina’s ass, Peach needed something to occupy the now-empty pussy. She grabbed Lucario and began to guide his still-erect cock towards the woman. Luckily, the Pokémon got the idea of what was expected of him and gripped Lucina’s hips before slamming his cock in her tight snatch. The princess yelled again as she was violated a second time. The two cocks began to rub against her insides, a feeling that Lucina was begging to not experience. The two Pokémon got into a steady rhythm and pounded the lovely woman, especially once her screams of pain died down. Lucina was humiliated by the current situation, and her body beginning to accept the massive animal cocks was only making it worse. Indeed, her pussy was gushing around Lucario’s cock and her ass didn’t hurt as much as it did a few minutes ago.

Stepping back, Peach was quite proud of the scene before her. Watching Lucina get fucked so brutally by these literal animals was getting the former Mushroom Kingdom ruler excited and brought back fond memories of being raped by Bowser as she was being held captive in his castle. She was about to take off her dress and finger herself, but stopped just short, reminding herself about her job. She noticed Lucina was beginning to give in to the pleasure and walked up to her. Whispering in her ear, Peach began to describe what was in store for her. Lucina would be trained to be a wanton slut, ready to serve the needs of all the men in the land. They would be using and abusing her body, fucking her during all of her waking hours. As Peach was describing Lucina’s upcoming future profession, the woman being raped began to picture it in her head, which only aroused her even further and caused her to climax. Peach then noticed Wario, Mona, and Leaf walk up to see how the plan was working. She smiled at her Master, who responded with a wide grin of his own.

After some time, Lucina was a panting mess, begging to be fucked harder by the two Pokémon. The image of being a sex slave had warped her mind and any pain still in her body was gone, replaced by pleasure and warmth. Lucario could not hold on any longer and was ready to explode. He involuntarily pulled out, causing his cock to spray his jizz all over Lucina’s face, chest, and torso. Soon after, Charizard couldn’t hold on any longer as well, finally releasing the abused woman. She fell down on the ground on all fours, the dragon’s cock popping out of her ass  just before it exploded, covering her back and hair in Charizard semen.

Coughing and trying to catch her breath, Lucina was overwhelmed by the strong smell of the Pokémon jizz covering her body. She could only imagine what she looked like now. The former princess of Yilesse, naked and on all fours, covered in animal spunk, her pussy leaking like a faucet. Here she was, one of the heroes who defeated the mighty Fell Dragon Grima, and now she was just a normal whore on her hands and knees. Finally starting to regain her senses, Lucina began to cry and reluctantly looked up to find Peach, Lucario, Charizard, Wario, Leaf, and Mona all staring down at her. They all had wide smiles on their faces. She realized her torment was nowhere near over. Her voice sputtering, Lucina begged for mercy.

Sadly, for Lucina, mercy would be in short supply.

(Continue to Part 7)


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