Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 5: Turning Over a New Leaf)

(Read Part 4)

Being a Pokémon Trainer was hard work normally, but being a Pokémon Trainer who competes in Smash battles was even tougher. Leaf was a young girl who trained multiple Smash fighters. While her Lucario and Greninja fight on their own, her Charizard actually teams up with her Squirtle and Ivysaur, since the two other Pokémon are a bit too young to battle by themselves. Today, she had arranged a mock battle to keep her fully evolved Pokémon fighting fit. Lucario, Greninja, and Charizard had fought against each other before and knew each other’s moves. Greninja, sadly, usually got the short end of the stick. It often ended up losing to Charizard, which pissed off the frog Pokémon. Leaf tried to assure her ninja fighter that Charizards have been known to beat up Greninja over in other regions, but that did little to pacify the Pokémon.

Recalling her Pokémon since the training session was over, Leaf was preparing to head back into town when, out of nowhere, Palutena and Wario showed up before her. Leaf had fought against both of them in Smash battles before, but outside the arena they could barely be considered acquaintances. Palutena sweetly smiled and said the two of them had a proposition for the young Trainer, which Wario chimed in saying that it would make a ton of money. Thinking it very odd that the Goddess of Light would willingly partner up with a fat, greedy scumbag like Wario, Leaf began to back away. In an instant, however, Palutena teleported behind the young girl and grabbed her shoulders. Grasping her shoulders tightly enough that she couldn’t escape, Palutena warmly smiled down at Leaf, telling her that she just needed to listen. Too afraid to say no, Leaf reluctantly nodded.

Taking the young trainer to a giant building being renovated, Palutena and Wario invited Leaf inside. They took the young girl to a private conference room, which just happened to have a bed in it. Warning bells blaring in her head, Leaf attempted to excuse herself and run away, but Wario’s fat gut blocked the way. The young trainer was about to call out her Pokémon to force her way out, but before she could reach into her bag, Palutena came up behind her and grabbed her wrist. Still talking in her cheerful and sweet voice, the goddess told Leaf that they were proposing a beneficial relationship that Leaf would like very much. While Leaf continued to struggle to get away, Palutena subtly activated her powers.

Worry turning into fear, Leaf continued to try and get away from the two predators when her body began to change. Out of nowhere, her body began to get flush with heat and her vision became woozy. Both Palutena and Wario smiled as the girl’s struggles slowed down before stopping completely. Panting with heat, Leaf was unable to resist as Palutena guided her over to the bed. She tried to ask what was going on, but the woman holding her shushed her before sitting them both down on the edge of the bed. Wario sat in a chair in front of them, his big, toothy grin growing wider. Leaf didn’t like that look in his eyes very much, but her body was far too weak to be able to fight them off.

Those thoughts were soon forgotten as Palutena cupped Leaf’s chin, turning her head towards her. Leaning down, the heavenly being smiled as she kissed the girl deeply. Leaf was shocked at first, but unable to escape Palutena’s grasp, she had no choice but to submit and allow her to explore the Trainer’s mouth. Palutena took the offer and practically devoured the young teen. Leaf had little sexual experience, so she was helpless in Palutena’s arms as her body was ravished. The kiss was simply wonderful and so, so romantic. Leaf’s body became hotter and her pussy was starting to get wet. She had completely forgotten about Wario, who was quite enjoying the lesbian show being put on before him. He unzipped his cock and began to pump it.

Deciding to move forward, Palutena slowly pulled up Leaf’s blouse and bra, exposing her perky boobs. She then began to knead one of her boobs while continuing the kiss, fondling and manipulating the mammary and causing Leaf to moan under her breath. Leaf was no longer questioning why her body was responding like this, as her brain had become scrambled thanks to the deity’s manipulations of her body. Thus, she didn’t bother fighting when Palutena leaned her back until both were laying on the bed.

Then, it was time to take things up a notch. Palutena moved her hand down, hiking up the red skirt and finding Leaf’s pantie-covered pussy. As soon as her fingers brushed against the opening, Leaf squealed. Once the goddess began to play with the Trianer’s pussy, Leaf broke off the kiss in order to moan in pleasure. Her fingers were working their magic far too well, especially once Leaf’s clit was found. Feeling a pillow behind her, Leaf gripped it with her hands as she squirmed and whimpered under Palutena’s divine touch. After a few minutes, the goddess pulled the panties down to her knees and plunged her fingers in. It took her only a few minutes to find Leaf’s G-Spot, making the girl orgasm and cry out in pleasure in an instant.

Palutena continued to manipulate her prey’s tight snatch, savoring just how easy it was to manipulate the young girl. She didn’t think it would have been quite that simple to turn Leaf into a panting mess, but it was hilarious all the same. She smiled warmly down at her victim as she came yet again under her fingers. Leaf had given up any pretense by this point and was actually thrusting her hips subconsciously towards Palutena’s fingers. Deciding to tease her a bit more, Palutena stopped fingering the girl’s pussy, keeping her fingers still near her opening. Desperate for another orgasm, Leaf instinctively thrust her hips upward, whimpering in frustration as her body was still unfulfilled. Giggling at how pathetic the girl was, she looked over at Wario, who was pumping his dick harder in front of them. She nodded to him. It was time.

Grinning widely, Wario popped off of the chair and waddled forward until he was at the edge of the bed. He stripped his remaining clothes off and climbed on the edge of the bed. Taking her leg out of her panties, Wario spread Leaf’s legs wide until her opening pulsed in front of him, desperate to get Palutena’s fingers back in. Palutena leaned down and sweetly whispered in Leaf’s ear that she was about to experience something better than her fingers. Looking forward, Leaf was greeted with Wario’s huge head leering down at her, his mighty cock pointed right at her opening. Leaf began to shed tears slightly as she shrieked, saying that she didn’t want to actually be raped. However, her body was no longer in her control, as she didn’t actually move an inch to back away from the evil man in front of her.

Chuckling at himself, Wario leaned down and guided his cock to her opening as Palutena moved her fingers away. Knowing she was helpless to stop it, Leaf braced herself as the cock continued to push in. It looked massive, but it felt even larger as her tiny, tight cunt was stretched to its absolute limit. Every inch that went in felt like she was being impaled by a log and she groaned in pain. It’s not as if she was a virgin or anything, as she had a couple one-night stands with Red about a year or so ago, but his dick was nowhere near the size of the cock currently splitting her apart. She was begging him to stop pushing inside of her, but Palutena grabbed her and tried to calm her down, softly telling her that she could take the big girth and that it will give her more pleasure than she’s ever known. Taking the woman’s words to heart, Leaf shut her mouth and grunted as the cock continued to push in.

It took some doing, but Wario eventually managed to fit his cock inside Leaf’s young pussy. Before continuing, Wario took the time to savor the tight snatch. Her pussy was gripping his cock like a glove, making him groan in pleasure as well. After a minute or so of savoring the pussy, Wario decided to start and began to fuck the Trainer girl’s tight cunt. The feeling of being pounded made the young girl scream as she gripped the pillow behind her harder. Initially, the giant prick pounding her body was causing her a ton of pain, but it was quickly fading. Leaf was finding that Palutena was right. Wario’s cock was making her already hot body even hotter and she came multiple times around his mighty cock. The added lubrication made it easier for Wario to pump his dick in and out of her pussy, even with the tightness, and soon enough Leaf’s yelps of pain turned into cries of pleasure.

Eventually, Leaf’s tight young body was having its effect on Wario’s cock, and the fat man could hold on no longer. He pulled out and slapped the cock on Leaf’s stomach, squirting his seed all over her chest and head, coating her boobs and face in his sticky, smelly jizz. Being cummed on should have disgusted the young girl, but as aroused as she was, being completely covered in Wario’s cum actually made her climax yet again. The fact that it was such a disgusting man abusing her body just made it hotter. Leaf finally let go of the pillow and laid back, gasping for air after the rough fucking. It was nothing like she ever experienced and didn’t think there were a lot of people who could repeat something like that.

Regaining her breath, Leaf opened her eyes and looked up to see Wario leering down at her, with Palutena smiling warmly to his side. Both of them had made Leaf feel so weak and vulnerable so easily.

Wario and Palutena were ready to discuss the agreement they mentioned earlier.

All three of them knew that Leaf was too far gone to refuse.

Leaf was about to go from being a Trainer to being trained herself.

(Continue to Part 6)


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