Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 3: Galactic Conquest)

(Read Part 2)

Rosalina had gotten worried. Travelling back to the Mushroom Kingdom, she was hoping that Princess Peach or Daisy were up for another tennis match, but something was wrong. She tried contacting Peach at her castle, but got no response. Not even any of the Toad retainers were responding to her hails. As she was about to reach Earth, she received a message from Hyrule Castle. It said it was from Princess Zelda, but it seemed rather strange. The message asked Rosalina to meet at a nearby planetoid, which confused the space goddess since she was unaware Hyrule had the means for space travel. Still, if Zelda needed to meet in neutral space, something must have been up.

Upon stepping foot on the planetoid, Rosalina was growing more worried, as she didn’t find Zelda anywhere. Suddenly, a deep, booming voice resonated behind her, causing Rosalina to jump back in a defensive position. It was Ganondorf! If he was transmitting messages from Hyrule Castle, something must have happened to Zelda. The space mom demanded to know where Zelda was, and the Gerudo tyrant merely commented that she is in the same place Rosalina would soon end up, and commanded her to bow before the ruler of Hyrule. Scoffing at his arrogance, Rosalina took out her wand to prepare for battle. Unfortunately, while her powers were strong, they weren’t enough to overcome Ganondorf’s raw strength. With the battle near its end, Ganondorf unleashed a mighty Warlock Punch right to Rosalina’s torso, slamming the woman into a nearby rock, smashing it to pieces and wiping out the last of her strength.

Struggling to get up and regain her senses, Rosalina looked up to see Ganondorf towering over her. Her bravery turning into terror, the woman tried to escape back into the Comet Observatory, but the mighty conqueror grabbed the woman by her arm and threw her back on the grass. Bending down, Ganondorf reached over and tore off Rosalina’s dress in one swift move. In shock over the man’s actions, the immortal goddess tried to cover up her body, but her hands were brushed away easily before her bra and panties were torn off as well, leaving her clad only in her crown and stockings. Ganondorf leered down at the helpless girl before him and grinned evilly. He was going to have so much fun conquering this girl.

Terrified at what Ganondorf’s intentions were, Rosalina tried to back away as fast as she could, but the tyrant grabbed her leg and pulled her roughly back to him. Her eyes met Ganondorf’s and the power of his leer caused her to freeze. When the evil man reached down and began to knead and fondle her ample  bosom, the woman could do nothing but whimper under his touch. She merely lay still on the ground, letting the evil man molest her body, unable to do much else. His evil aura was expanding, washing over her and draining her will to fight. Not helping was that Ganondorf was very talented with his fingers. He squeezed Rosalina’s boobs roughly before leaning down to lick and suck the beautiful breasts. Despite herself, Rosalina was becoming aroused and her nipples became very erect. Her assaulter took notice and flicked his tongue over her nipples, causing her to gasp each time. She may not have wanted this, but her body was beginning to beg for it.

Eventually, Ganondorf grew tired of the foreplay. Releasing his captive, he stood up and began to unbutton his pants. Thankful for the reprieve, Rosalina continued to lie on the ground panting, trying to calm her body down from Ganondorf’s manipulations. Then she made the mistake of looking up. Ganondorf towered over her, pants down, and dick out. And what a dick it was! Long and thick, the dark-skinned dick pointed menacingly at the girl. Shuddering at that monster invading her body, Rosalina’s mind became a jumble of emotions. The thought of being raped by this terrible rod, it plowing through her pussy, terrified her. However, her body, already sensitive thanks to the molestations and the evil aura being absorbed into her skin, was far more receptive. Rosalina’s body became flush with heat, despite her fear, and her pussy glistened in anticipation of being fucked. Before she knew what was happening, Rosalina was grabbed and thrown on her stomach. Breaking gaze with Ganondorf, she attempted to crawl away, but the evil man simply grabbed her hips and pulled her ass up.

Laughing at her arousal, Ganondorf began to degrade Rosalina, calling her such a whore, telling her that she was begging to be brutally raped by someone like him. He told her that she would make a fine slut and this time, there would be no plumbers coming in to rescue her, so she could be as much of a slut as she wanted to be. His words hit Rosalina hard, causing her to involuntarily get even more aroused at the thought of being nothing more than a sex toy. She popped an image in her mind where she and Zelda were collared, naked, and fastened to Ganondorf’s throne. He would order her to fuck him and degrade herself for his amusement as his evil spread across the land. The thought of serving the King of Evil had never even occurred to the woman before this point, but now that it was a possible reality, she couldn’t get the image out of her mind. To her eternal shame, her pussy was going into overdrive and was already leaking, making Ganondorf laugh yet again. His bellowing laugh made Rosalina feel small and weak, which just made her more aroused again.

As his victim was arousing herself, Ganondorf decided to finally seal the deal. He leaned back and rammed his mighty cock through Rosalina’s pussy, disappointed to not feel her hymen break as he rammed all the way to her womb. The sudden invasion to her body shocked Rosalina, making her scream at the top of her lungs. The cock invading her body was just as thick as it looked. She felt like he was going to split her in half. She attempted to push away Ganondorf as he started to pump in and out of her pussy, but she was far too weak at this point to get him to budge an inch. Finding her useless struggles annoying, Ganondorf grabbed Rosalina’s arms and pulled them behind her. Gripping them with one hand, he used them as a handlebar to allow him to plunge deeper into Rosalina’s body.

Pumping her helpless body hard and fast, Ganondorf was having the time of his life. He was loving how her tight pussy was enveloping his cock, hugging it like a long lost lover. He actually had some difficulty pulling out at points with how tight the pussy was gripping his cock. Seeing how slutty Rosalina had gotten so quickly made Ganondorf grin. She was going to be fun to use and abuse. For Rosalina, however, her emotions were all out of wack. The cock impaling her simultaneously felt amazing and terrible. Her crotch was in pain, but instead of hating the feeling, she was quickly growing to enjoy it. She couldn’t even form words of protest against Ganondorf’s rape, with only gasps and moans being able to escape her lips. Even the evil man holding her arms and not letting her escape was arousing to the woman more than she wanted. She was going crazy being brutally raped like this.

The two continued their rough lovemaking for some time, with Ganondorf continuing smiling at Rosalina’s gasps. Eventually, he couldn’t keep going and his cock was ready to explode. Roughly throwing Rosalina to the ground, her gasps of pain was the last straw as Ganondorf dumped a massive load of spunk on his rape victim, coating her ass and back in his semen, with even more landing in her hair. Completely exhausted, Rosalina did nothing but lay there, panting as she had another orgasm upon feeling his hot seed coating her hair and back. Being there, on the ground, her body completely wrecked by the evil man, and now covered in his seed would have normally been repulsive to the space goddess, but now it was only exciting her. She could feel Ganondorf leering down at her, mentally degrading her, thinking she was nothing more than his slut. And she had to admit that it was slowly becoming true.

Once he calmed down, Ganondorf noticed his cock was covered in her juices and grabbed Rosalina by the hair. Pulling her to her knees, he pushed her face into his crotch, rubbing his cock and balls all over her face. The older woman, having completely given up fighting back, did nothing to stop the vile man from smacking her face with his crotch and smearing his and her juices all over her face. The heavy musk of his crotch overwhelmed Rosalina, making her aroused yet again, her abused pussy leaking even more than before.

Soon after, the evil tyrant ordered the bitch to clean her mess. Rosalina looked up at her assaulter, and without a word, obeyed him completely. Taking his cock in her mouth, Rosalina began to lick and suck the rod that had completely ravaged her, worshiping it like it was her God or something. She heard Ganondorf groan in pleasure and smiled inwardly as her skills, as amateurish as they were, were having a positive effect. She made sure to lick his balls as well, taking each one in her mouth and sucking on it a bit, savoring the taste. His crotch smelled and tasted disgusting, but that only served to excite her more. After finishing licking up all her juices, she noticed he had gotten hard and began to truly suck Ganondorf’s cock, sucking it like it was the greatest treat she ever had. When she felt Ganondorf’s hand rest on her head, it felt so comforting as she continued to suck with all her might.

Though he had to admit she was rather clumsy with her technique, Ganondorf had to admit that he was enjoying having the space bitch give him a blowjob way too much. It took him less than ten minutes before he was ready to explode again. Thinking that he needed to fully bathe Rosalina in his evil, he roughly grabbed her hair and threw her back down on the ground face up. Rosalina was hurt at first, but as soon as she realized what was happening she smiled. With a groan, Ganondorf let loose his load, once again coating the ravaged woman, this time on her front. Being coated from top to bottom in Ganondorf’s spunk, his musk filling her nostrils, caused Rosalina to scream in orgasm once again. She began to smear his seed all over her face and chest, as if she was trying to absorb his evil seed through her skin.

Seeing her become so pathetic so quickly, Ganondorf had to laugh. While he was tempted to keep the slut for himself, he did have a deal with Wario and the evil Gerudo was grateful for the fat man taking out that Zelda bitch for good. He’d hold up his end of the bargain. And it’s not like he’ll never be able to fuck her again.

Rosalina wasn’t really paying attention to Ganondorf’s musings, however.

She was completely broken now, her body ravaged, used and abused after the brutal rape.

It was the greatest thing that had ever happened to her.

(Continue to Part 4)

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