Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 2: Zelda’s Reality)

(Read Part 1)

Princess Zelda was being troubled in her kingdom. She knew Ganondorf was planning something to take over Hyrule, but couldn’t find out his plans no matter what she did. She attempted to contact Princess Peach over at the Mushroom Kingdom for assistance, but received no reply. In fact, it had been weeks since the two of them last talked. Zelda always thought the pink Princess was a bit flighty. She was probably kidnapped by Bowser for the 500th time. Samus could have been an option if she wasn’t off on another bounty hunt out in space. She could have contacted Palutena, since, being a goddess and all, she would be able to find Ganondorf in an instant, but that little bitch was always flirting with Link and flaunting her huge chest, so fuck her.

As she was contemplating her next move, a messenger arrived carrying a letter from the Mushroom Kingdom. Reading the letter, it was from Princess Peach! She needed Zelda’s help and asked her to meet her at one of Bowser’s abandoned keeps in Donut Plains. It was a bit strange that Peach wouldn’t meet her in her castle or come to Hyrule, but maybe she was being followed or maybe Bowser was up to no good again and she left to the meeting spot. Along the way, she ran into Captain Falcon and asked him to tag along as well. The more fighting power she had against Ganondorf and Bowser, the better. Always happy to assist a beautiful woman, Falcon readily agreed.

Arriving at the castle, Zelda and Falcon wandered in, calling out for Peach. They received no answer, which set off Zelda’s warning bells in her head. Going further in, the two did finally find Princess Peach, but she was far different than normal. Instead of her standard pink dress, she was wearing a sexy corset, lacy panties, and sheer pink stockings with a garter belt. She looked like a slut! Stammering, Zelda asked Peach what was going on, only to receive a reply that Mushroom Princess had found a new lease on life and wanted Zelda to experience the same. She sauntered up to Zelda and cupped her face, giving her a sultry look before leaning in and kissing the woman deeply. Part of Zelda wanted to accept the wonderful kiss, but her sanity prevailed and she pushed away her friend, asking what the hell was going on.

Suddenly, Zelda heard a horrible laugh behind her and she turned around. Out stepped that greedy, disgusting bastard Wario! Another girl with orange hair, a sexy red miniskirt and top with fur coat, also appeared next to Wario, grinning madly. Wario told Zelda he was going into a new business that would make them lots and lots of money. The orange-haired girl, calling herself Mona, said that they needed Zelda’s help for their new business. Looking at their evil smiles and Peach’s outfit, the Princess of Hyrule could hazard a guess and prepared to fight. She called out to Falcon to help her, but he was standing there in a daze, his cheeks flush red, his tongue hanging out, and a noticeable tent in his pants, most likely thanks to Peach’s kiss earlier. Men were always useless when you needed them. Scoffing, Zelda prepared her magic for battle.

While she was distracted, however, Wario ran up to the fighting Princess. She noticed a split second too late and tried to jump back. Zelda was too slow, however, as Wario managed to grab a hold of her purple royal top and tear it off, exposing her luscious breasts. Embarrassed at being exposed, the Hyrulian Princess covered her bare breasts, yelling at Wario for being so perverted. The disgusting man didn’t care however, his massive grin unchanging as he took the shredded remains and sniffed them, telling her what a wonderful scent she had. Humiliated, Zelda prepared to counterattack when hands came around behind her and grabbed her boobs. Turning her head, Zelda was shocked to see Peach behind her! Peach trapped Zelda’s arms as she began to knead and fondle her friend’s boobs.

Immediately electing a moan, Zelda struggled to get away from her corrupted friend. However, her tits have always been rather sensitive, and Peach’s manipulations was quickly draining the strength from her body. She pleaded to Captain Falcon to help her. The bounty hunter was drooling over the lesbian act, but finally snapped out of it and was prepared to fight. However, Mona came up and touched him on the shoulder. She told him that, if he joined up with her and Wario, he’d be able to have sex with her, Peach, and Zelda. To emphasize the point, she stuck a finger out and circled Falcon’s torso, while grabbing his arm and placing it on her ass. As soon as his hand landed on her butt, Falcon immediately squeezed, elicting a moan from the woman. She then leaned forward and pushed her boobs into Falcon’s body, making sure he knew what he would get. That was the breaking point. The racer immediately agreed to help out Wario and Mona, causing the girl to giggle.

Seeing her ally betray her like that, Zelda grunted in frustration. She was about to curse the man out for thinking with his libido when Peach flicked Zelda’s nipples, shutting her up. Zelda could only stand there, powerless to do anything as her friend continued molesting her. Peach whispered in her ear at how wonderful it would be to be a sex slave, to be manipulated and fucked every day, always being sexy and admired. Despite herself, Zelda imagined being a sex slave. She was naked, on her knees wearing nothing but her tiara and a collar, helpless as her citizens were constantly double teaming her. Blowing a guy while another pounded her pussy. The guys fucking her would be degrading her, telling her what a slut she is. This only caused the woman to get more aroused. Her pussy was leaking like a faucet now and any attempt to free herself had stopped. She opened her eyes to find Wario in front of her and ripped off the bottom of her dress, exposing her panties and laughing at how wet she got. Zelda merely turned her head away in shame.

Her shame only grew as Wario took one of his chubby fingers and began to rub Zelda’s pussy through her panties. As soon as he touched her sensitive pussy, Zelda moaned in arousal. Wario laughed at the girl, calling her such a slut. She whimpered in response, unable to offer any kind of response. His words were ringing truer than she wanted. Wario then proceeded to move his finger around Zelda’s opening, and he was having such an effect on the girl. It took him only a few minutes to rip a massive orgasm from the ruler of Hyrule, making her scream in delight. That orgasm ripped through Zelda’s soul and drained all of her remaining strength. She laid her head back and rested on Peach’s shoulder as her friend continued to manipulate her breasts while Wario continued to rub her cunt, Zelda’s juices oozing all over Wario’s fingers. The evil man took his coated finger and spread the juices all over his victim’s face. Smelling her own juices should have disgusted the Princess, but the humiliation was just making her hotter.

Then, it was decided to finish Zelda off. Throwing her on the castle floor, Wario grabbed Zelda’s legs and pulled her towards him. Zelda was unsure what was happening when she noticed Wario’s massive cock pointing out of his pants, the throbbing rod twitching before her. Realizing what he planned to do, Zelda attempted to back away, but Wario’s grip was too tight. In one swift motion, the evil treasure hunter slammed his cock into the woman’s pussy. She had been hoping to give her virginity to Link eventually once Ganondorf was eliminated for good, but now that dream was gone. She silently apologized to Link for allowing herself to be raped like this as she got up on her elbows, bracing herself.

Not helping matters is how thick Wario was. His cock was stretching her pussy way more than she would have thought. Even with all her juices making it simple for Wario to pump his cock in and out, the cock was still hurting Zelda’s body. She grimaced as the fat man pistoned in and out of her body, treating her like mere fuck meat rather than a proper lover. She was ashamed as her body only got hotter and hotter, her mind going back to those images of being a slave slut. Zelda was humiliated that the image spots became more vivid in her mind and that she was finding it more and more pleasant. She opened one eye and looked at the man raping her. Wario’s gigantic face leering down at her with his huge, toothy grin was affecting Zelda more than she thought. His face had an air of superiority to it, like he knew he had already won and that victory was inevitable. That feeling of her defeat being so certain shook Zelda’s soul, causing her to orgasm yet again as tears began to stream from her face.

Wario adored having Zelda’s tight pussy clench his cock. The more he pumped the fallen princess, the tighter she became. Seeing her realize the truth and her body accepting of his proposal made his cock twitch in delight. Zelda was a hot mess and he wanted to keep it that way while he molded her to become the best sexy slut she could be. Mona suggested making a whorehouse with the hottest girls in it, and with Peach by his side, it would an instant moneymaker, especially once he finished training Daisy as well. People would come from all over for the chance to fuck such important Princesses like Zelda, Peach, and Daisy. Wario would make millions and be the richest man in the entire world! The thought of having so much wealth was too much for the fat man and he was ready to explode. Just before he let loose, Wario took his cock out and aimed it at Zelda’s body, spraying her with his cum. Ashamed at being raped like this, Zelda merely lied there as she was coated in Wario’s smelly cum, the humiliation reaching the breaking point.

Finishing off his conquest, Wario stuffed his cock back into his pants and turned around to see Mona and Peach sucking off Captain Falcon. Having the Captain on his side would be great, so he invited him to have the next fuck of Zelda. Hearing Wario’s proclamation, Mona smiled and pulled her and Peach away, leading Falcon over to Zelda. The well-fucked Princess could only lie there, helpless as Wario was already pimping her out. Panting heavily and her face red as a tomato, Zelda braced herself as Falcon knelt down and plunged his cock into her abused cunt. She grunted as, while Falcon wasn’t as thick as Wario, he was moving a lot faster, pounding her pussy so hard it caused her to moan in pleasure over and over again. Any thoughts of escape or resistance had been completely erased by this point, so Zelda wrapped her legs around Falcon, pulling him deeper. The heavenly feeling of Zelda’s pussy was too much for the hyped up racer, as he only lasted a few minutes before being ready to explode. He pulled out as well, as Mona and Peach quickly grabbed his cock, aiming it at Zelda’s body. Princess Zelda groaned as her body was covered in even more cum and she orgasmed yet again.

When Zelda opened her eyes after her orgasm, she saw Wario, Mona, Peach, and Falcon looming over her.

The woman’s ravaged body twitched in response, her abused pussy practically begging to be fucked again.

Who knows? Maybe being a slave with no responsibilities would be fun. Peach seems to be enjoying it.

But it’s not like Zelda has a choice in the matter.

Whether she wanted it or not, she was Wario’s whore now.

(Continue to Part 3)


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