Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 11: Club Nintendo)

(Read Part 10)

Wario looked at his finances and couldn’t help but laugh with joy. Ever since opening Club Nintendo, he was raking in the money. He had already got over one hundred thousand times the amount of money he got on his last treasure hunt, and it was only a year later. Enslaving the most gorgeous women in the world and pimping them out turned out to be the greatest business venture he ever made. Then, Wario noticed that it was past 10am, and the club had opened. This week, they Club was doing a bunny theme, so all the girls were wearing bunny girl outfits as they serviced their customers.

Captain Falcon walked in, eager to celebrate another victory on the F-Zero circuit last night. He had always stopped in after a race. After all, he helped out Wario so he got a heavy discount and preferential treatment, so it would only make sense to use those gifts to their full advantage. He always came in during the opening hours, when the crowd was at its smallest. Sitting down at his booth, Falcon grinned as Rosalina and Wii Fit Trainer sauntered over in their sexy, sexy bunny costumes.

The two ladies were intimately familiar with the good Captain and knew exactly what kind of beer he liked. After they served him the first of what would be many glasses, the two girls sat down next to their customer and got as close as they could. They squealed when Falcon became impatient and pulled the two girls into his arms, kissing them on the lips as a hello. They returned his kiss, though Trainer did so more enthusiastically than Rosalina. Always loving the feeling of two beautiful women in his arms, Falcon laughed again and grabbed his beer, chugging a large part of it as the two girls continued to fawn over him.

Wii Fit Trainer had brought over two filled wine glasses with her as well. It was a new brand exclusive to Club Nintendo, colored milky white and fairly thick so as to imitate semen. It was a kind exclusive to the female wait staff, so they could use it to debase themselves for their customers further. She grabbed a glass and toasted Captain Falcon on his victory. Jubilant, the racer swung his beer mug around before sticking his hand down Rosalina’s outfit and grabbing her boob. The former goddess couldn’t help but grimace a bit as her tit was mashed. She had gotten used to being a whore, but there was still some growing pains. Wii Fit Trainer, however, had fully embraced her new job and egged Falcon on, tell him to grope and molest Rosalina for all she’s worth.

She eventually goaded Rosalina into giving Falcon a deep, sensual kiss. While the young woman was uncomfortable, her job was to serve her customer, so while her tit was still being fondled, she leaned upwards and deeply kissed the drunk man. Smirking at the slut being used, Trainer decided to get in on the action and unbuttoned Falcon’s pants, freeing his large cock. Without further prompting, she dove right in, licking and sucking the wonderful rod, her pussy gushing every time the bounty hunter groaned in pleasure. Eventually, he got tired of Rosalina’s mouth, and ordered her to present her breasts to him. Following his command, the former space goddess pulled her top down and offered her tits to her customer, moaning in pleasure as he sucked and licked them while grabbing both his sluts’ asses and fondled the plump cheeks. Coming here always felt like heaven to him.

Palutena was in the back, slurping up the remaining cum from her last customer and waiting for her next client when she spotted Link entering the club. Seeing that Zelda was busy waiting for the food for her customer, Palutena got on the radio and told Leaf, who was working the door, to bring Link over to her table. When she saw Leaf following her orders, Palutena grinned wickedly. Any chance she had to put one over on that bitch Zelda, she would take, big time. Leaf radioed in that Link wanted Moo Moo Milk to drink, which the green-haired woman thought was adorable. Grabbing the drink, she went out to meet her customer.

Link had come in to try and find Zelda, hoping that maybe she could leave and help him overthrow Ganondorf, whose rule over Hyrule had become ironclad. Thus, he was shocked when Palutena came up with his order. The young boy stammered in embarrassment at seeing the sexy goddess in her wonderfully tight bunny costume. Palutena made sure to bend over so Link could get a great view of her cleavage and slowly poured the milk in the glass for him. She told him that the milk was freshly squeezed right here in the club and that this particular batch was heavenly, groping her breasts to emphasize that little bit. Shocked and embarrassed, Link asked if that was true and stuttered a joke that they must raise cows here. Giggling at his naivete, Palutena leaned over the table, resting on her arm, and told Link that they only have the best cows here, and that they needed the best nourishment, before licking her lips. Link looked away, his face blushing, but the goddess would not be deterred and she swung her body around, sitting on Link’s lap and wrapping her arms around his neck, putting him eye-level with her big tits.

Link was speechless as his face was mere inches from the massive mammaries, and it took all his willpower not to grab them right there. He tried to deflect his waitress away, but she wasn’t having any of it. She leaned in, squishing her boobs against his chest and whispering to him that her job was to please him. She twirled a few loose hairs on his head with her finger as she breathily came in close, her lips tantalizingly close to Link’s. The young hero didn’t want to betray his love, but having such a gorgeous woman throwing herself at him was more than he could handle. Once their lips made contact, that was the end of Link’s resistance. He returned the kiss, and Palutena started grinding her body on his, making sure her boobs never stopped touching Link. She felt Link’s boner through his pants and felt giddy. She reached down and deftly undid his pants, freeing his dick.

Luckily, all the bunny outfits had fasteners right above the crotch so that the girls could fuck their clients without needing to take their whole outfit off, so Palutena released the crotch strap on her leotard, exposing her very, very wet pussy. With only a few quick motions, she took the young hero inside herself, moaning loudly with pleasure as she rode him. She made sure to compliment her customer on how big and wonderful his cock was. Link moaned as he felt in heaven. Palutena’s pussy felt wonderful around his dick, far better than Zelda’s if he were being honest. Regaining his senses slightly, Link was feeling a bit bold and reached up to Palutena’s top, pulling it down to free her boobs. Happy he was taking charge, finally, Palutena told him to do what he wanted with her tits, and Link wasted no time in grabbing, fondling, and kneading them as he licked and sucked the nipples. The goddess moaned as she had an orgasm on the hero’s cock.

Zelda was getting another round of drinks for one of her tables when she thought she heard Link’s voice. Turning around, she spotted her old friend sitting down, but then got ticked off as she realized Leaf sat him at Palutena’s table. Right on cue, the bitch sauntered over to Link and started flirting immediately. Zelda tried to ignore them as she brought her customers some more beer, but Palutena had made sure so speak loudly enough for Zelda to hear, and she looked over to see the whore getting way to close to her Link. God, she hated that cunt! Part of her wanted to go over there and throw the bitch out, but Palutena was higher in the pecking order, so what she said went. Her customers yelling at her to get over there snapped her out of her trance and she stomped over, still fuming, but trying to put on a good face.

Her customers surprised her when they first came in months ago. They were former guards from Hyrule Castle that served her well, but now they wore the colors of Ganondorf. Whenever they came in, they specifically request Princess Zelda as their host. At first, they were just happy to be able to fuck the Princess of Hyrule, but once that luster faded, they began to tell her how great it was that Ganondorf was King now and that Hyrule was a better place with Zelda being a brothel whore. They said everything they could to humiliate and shame Zelda whenever they came in, but because they were customers, she could only smile and thank them for the compliments. This time was no different, though her anger shone through more than normal. Unfortunately for her, one of them noticed that Link was at the other table making out with Palutena, which caused the woman to turn around quick.

Deciding that was the last straw, Zelda was about to stomp over there and interfere, but one of the soldiers grabbed Zelda and pulled her into his lap. She wanted to escape and get her Link back, but the soldier mocked her pathetic struggling and reminded her that the customer was always right. Zelda realized that if they complained, Wario would be forced to refund them, and if there was one thing he hated, it was giving back money. Thus, the former Princess relented and allowed the man to grope and explore her body to his content. As he pulled out her breasts and began to lick and suck them, Zelda found her pussy starting to get wet immediately. Damn her training! She moaned as the mens’ hands were all over her body. Opening her eyes, she saw Palutena humping Link. The two made eye contact and the goddess gave her a knowing smirk, as both knew she had won once again. Zelda looked away in shame as another guy shoved a cock in her face to suck.

Lucina was starting to get depressed. She was by far the least popular girl at Club Nintendo, and she knew exactly why. Her face was rather plain compared to her friends, she didn’t have the status of Princess or Goddess, and most dammingly, her body was not sexy at all. She was the only girl there with A-Cup boobs and her hips were practically non-existent. Even Leaf, who was the only girl there younger than her, had a better figure. The bunny costume she wore only emphasized that, as she didn’t have anywhere close to the hourglass figure her friends had. Robin and Corrin tried to cheer her up, but the fact was that she always earned the least amount of tips and her table was never busy.

Then, she saw her next customer. It was Mr. Sandman, the heavyweight boxer champion! She didn’t know much about boxing, but the Club had a huge event for the match last weekend, and she was shocked to see such a celebrity not only walk in, but sit at her table of all people. Nervous, she took his order and returned with his first mug of beer. She then asked if there was anything else she could get for him, heavily implying her body, but because of her shyness, it came out awkward. Even after all this time training, she still wasn’t comfortable acting sexy. She only knew how to fight, after all.

Surprisingly, Sandman motioned to her to come over and sit by him. He wrapped an arm around her and moved her closer, asking why she was so nervous. His big, thick muscles overwhelmed the thin girl, making her feel smaller than she already was. She felt she couldn’t do anything but tell the truth to such a muscular man, Lucina told him that she didn’t consider herself to be beautiful or sexy compared to her co-workers and she was afraid she would be disciplined again if she failed to bring in enough money. Sandman then chuckled and patted Lucina’s head, telling her not to worry. He thought she was plenty beautiful and sexy already, and that her bunny outfit looked amazing on her. Blushing in embarrassment from the compliments, Lucina turned her head away, stammering that he was just saying that to be nice. Before she could finish her sentence, however, he turned her head towards his and kissed her deeply.

The young swordswoman was surprised at first at the sensual kiss, but in a matter of seconds melted into his arms, not resisting at all when he moved her onto his lap. She could feel his cock poking through his pants and into her crotch. As the kiss deepened, the boxer’s hands roamed all over her body, caressing the soft flesh. While she often times had to force herself to get aroused to please her customers, Lucina didn’t have that problem this time. She pulled down her top and moved one of his hands over to her chest. When he grabbed them, she climaxed instantly. After a few minutes, Sandman pulled down his pants and freed his mammoth cock, shocking Lucina. It was actually bigger than Wario’s! He then moved his hand down and unfastened her crotch strap, baring her gushing pussy. Taking the nervous woman in hand, Sandman carefully led her over to his cock and slowly pushed in. Lucina groaned in pleasure as her opening stretched as far as it could go. She looked into his eyes, and while she didn’t know if this was what true love felt like, it was about as close as she could comprehend.

Robin, meanwhile, was over at her table giving her customer a lap dance. Now that she didn’t have to worry about being Grima’s vessel, she was finally free to be a pure woman, so even though she was forced to work at Club Nintendo, she had been grateful for the enslavement. Being a sexy fuck toy was so liberating. Making men aroused with just her hot body, especially in such a sexy outfit like the bunny costume she currently wore, was the greatest feeling in the world. It didn’t really matter who her customer was, as long as they found her desirable. She was a bit sad that Chrom had never stopped in, likely not wanting to confront the fact that his daughter was a whore, but she had gotten over it. After giving her customer a blowjob, she went back to the back area while he finished his food.

As she walked back, she ran into Corrin, who’s face and bare chest were covered in cum stains. She also noticed that more cum was leaking out of her bare crotch. The dragon girl told her that a couple had come in, and the guy wanted his girlfriend to make out with her. While the girlfriend was nervous, Corrin eased her into it and ensured that the boyfriend got to view one amazing lesbian make out session. She made the girlfriend climax multiple times, eating her out and making her pant in pleasure. Soon enough, the guy was too aroused and fucked the both of them hard. He apparently had taken a drug before coming in, because he was soon hard again and face-fucked Corrin, cumming all over her face and tits before fucking her pussy again. She was going to clean up after her mess, but the girlfriend insisted on doing it instead, and she left the satisfied couple.

Cleaning up in the back, the two girls were about to head out again when Lucina came through, extremely excited. Given her boobs and pussy were exposed, they guessed her customer gave her a solid fucking, which was celebration enough in itself. When Lucina told them about Sandman’s words, they congratulated the girl for finding a wonderful customer, but the good news didn’t end there. Because Lucina was such a good hostess, Mr. Sandman was going to schedule a big, expensive party here at the Club in a few weeks, and he wanted Lucina to be her personal escort! Ecstatic, Robin and Corrin hugged their friend, proud for her to finally find some confidence that she was indeed a sexy girl.

Peach absolutely adored being a bunny girl waitress. She already loved being sexy, but the tight, form-fitting outfit emphasized her beautifully tight body, and the bunny ears and tail added just the right amount of cuteness. She thought it was about as close to perfection as you could get. Carrying a tray of various wines, Peach approached her table, winking as she strutted up, posing with her free hand on her hip to emphasize her bust and hips.

Her customers were somewhat regulars, showing up about once or twice a month. They openly lust after Peach and the ability to fuck her whenever they wanted was too much for them to take. She set the wine down, leaning down to give them a great view of her tits, and carefully served each glass to the men, making sure to act as humble and pliable as she could to stroke their egos. She smiled and gasped happily as they freely slapped her ass and groped her tits through the outfit. One of the men asked her for a massage, and the girl giggled in affirmation. Walking behind his seat and pulling down her top, she pulled him back so that his head lay softly in her bosom. She massaged her breasts around his head for a little bit before moving her hands down to his shoulders and giving him a shoulder massage.

Part of her missed the days when Bowser kidnapped her and raped her in his castle. Even though Mario always rescued her, she knew deep down her ultimate fate was to be a sex slave. She figured it would be to Bowser whenever he conquered the Mushroom Kingdom for good, but being Wario’s little tart was even better. As the former ruler of one of the biggest kingdoms of the land, she was always raking in the money, which meant fucking lots and lots of people. Peach had no idea exactly how many men or women she’s fucked since Club Nintendo opened, but it had to be in the triple digits by now. For a lot of girls that was a bad thing, but for Peach, it was a badge of honor. Her only regret is that she doesn’t have the raw sex power Palutena has, but that’s a goddess for you.

After finishing massaging all three guys, it was time for another orgy. As the first cock slammed into her, Peach squealed in happiness.

Samus had hated being a whore in this place, but being as cock-whipped as she was, there really wasn’t any escape. Having to satisfy the sexual urges of all these perverts made her want to retch. And now she was forced to saunter around in this embarrassing bunny outfit, which emphasized her sexy body. Samus got a beep on the light board that she got new customers and she groaned before forcing a smile and strutting out. The smile disappeared when she saw her customers.

Space Pirates! The group of deranged monsters sat at the table and laughed when their mortal enemy walked up to them in her sexy little outfit. Angry that these lowlifes were in here, she was about to tell them off and kick them out when they reminded her that they were paying customers, and they knew for a fact that Wario doesn’t like customer complaints. Suddenly freezing, Samus had an internal battle but eventually resigned to her fate. Forcing a smile, she sweetly asked the pirates if there was anything she could do to serve them. At least she didn’t have to worry about Ridley this time. He was too big to fit through the door.

The first thing the pirates wanted was a sexy little dance for their fuck bunny. Grimacing, Samus had to be reminded once again that she was there to serve them, and she slowly got up on the table. The music was playing loudly enough to dance to, so the bounty hunter swung her hips as she tried to remind herself of the dancing lessons Palutena hammered into her mind. She swayed back and forth, thrusting her boobs out, grabbing them,  and fondling them for a few seconds before licking the tops of them. She then turned around and shook her ass right in their faces, her cottontail making the twerking even hotter. Though she was embarrassed about dancing for the pleasure of her enemies, Samus couldn’t help but get aroused. Something about being degraded and humiliated always got her wet, which is what kept her trapped in this hellhole.

Eventually, the pirates grew tired of the dance and ordered her to masturbate before them. Repulsed by their order, Samus shivered and had to ask them to reconsider. However, the pirates were very insistent. Backing down, Samus unlatched the crotch flap on her suit, pulled down her top, and sat down on the table, her pussy facing the pirates. Grabbing her breast with her left hand, she started rubbing her clit with her right hand, which made her moan immediately. The pirates noticed she was already wet and laughed, mocking her for already getting off on serving scum like them despite being a former big time bounty hunter. They told her this was her true calling, that being a slutty whore was a much better use of her body than being a bounty hunter.

Their words stung the former bounty hunter. She used to be one of the fiercest warriors in the galaxy, and now she was masturbating in front of her enemies for money. Being humiliated like this was really turning her on, and her fingers worked into overdrive, which didn’t escape the pirates’ notice as they continued to mock her for being such a slut. Samus opened her eyes and looked across the way. The girls’ regular outfits were set up along the wall like a museum, including her Power Armor, sitting uselessly in a glass case, a testament to how far she had fallen. Feeling the effects of everything coming together, combined with the harsh words of the pirates, made Samus orgasm harder than she had in months, making a giant puddle on the table. Her shame grew as the pirates laughed and mocked her for cumming.

Looking back towards them, Samus saw that all the pirates had taken out their cocks. There were a bunch of thick, bulbous, grotesque cocks pointed right at her. Knowing it was going to happen anyway, Samus gave up. She admitted to the pirates that they were right. She was never meant to be a bounty hunter, she was always meant to be a slut. Apologizing for ever getting in their way and thwarting their plans, Samus begged them to use her slutty body for their pleasure in order to make it up to them.

As the first monstrous cock entered her wet pussy, Samus moaned. She knew this wouldn’t be the last time she would be begging her worst enemies to fuck her.

Relaxing in his office, Wario was watching the girls fuck and suck their customers and was grinning widely. He looked over at Mona, who was fixing up her makeup and cleaning up all the cum Wario blasted on her body. The bunny outfit on her was gorgeous, the greedy bastard had to admit. Finished, Mona winked at her lover before leaving to start her shift on the floor.

Sure, being rich was great and all, but being a filthy rich pimp that owned the entire city was fucking great.

For the first time in his life, Wario felt something resembling satisfaction.

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