Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 10: Free Preview)

(Read Part 9)

Diamond City was buzzing. Wario had always been the center of attention in town, but this was a special occasion. He was about to open up a new place where the hottest girls were at, and the entire town was excited, especially since the rumors were going around he managed to get spectacular babes like Princess Zelda and Peach to work at his club. So, when Wario announced he was having a sneak preview of what was in store when his club opened next week, tons of guys (and a surprising amount of women) gathered around. Wario had set up a large platform covered by a curtain out in the plaza, eager to show off his latest moneymaker.

Feeling the time was right and the crowd was at its highest, Wario started his presentation. He said that his club would not only allow people to be served by the most beautiful women around, but for an extra fee they’d get intimate time with them, and that Wario would be offering a special discounted preview of what was to happen. The mere thought of having sex with some of the most unreachable women ever had men frothing at the mouth and they became ancy. The businessman motioned to Mona, who pulled the curtain rope, revealing some of Wario’s grand conquests.

Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Wii Fit Trainer, and the goddess Palutena all revealed themselves on stage, in sexed up versions of their normal outfits. Peach wore what was essentially a pink bra with her brooch, crown, earrings, a pink micro-mini-skirt, long white elbow gloves, white stockings, and pink high heels. Princess Zelda wore her tiara,  a sheer purple leotard with the navel cut out, elbow-length gloves, white stockings, and purple high heels. Wii Fit Trainer wore her normal blue shirt, just a few sizes smaller to emphasize her breasts and erect nipples, and a black thong. The lady Palutena wore her tiara, white elbow-length gloves, a gold and white strapless top, and a similarly-colored mini loincloth. All four women were in sexy poses that emphasized their bodies, which caused the crowd to go wild and cheer.

Seeing the crowd go wild caused different reactions to the girls. Peach was rather happy so many people adored her body and was proud that all these people found her body that attractive. She couldn’t help but giggle when so many men shouted about how much they wanted to fuck her. Zelda was still a bit reserved about being so forward to such a crowd, and their lewd comments made her step back a bit, despite having been fucked dozens upon dozens of times in preparation for this day. Wii Fit Trainer was embarrassed, but in a good way. She wasn’t sure if people would be as into her since she didn’t have the name power of her buddies, but hearing all the lustful comments about her body made her have more confidence. Palutena, used to being a slut, knew how to work the crowd and constantly flaunted her hot body, pushing her breasts out and jutting her hips to make her look sexier than everyone else. The crowd was eating her up.

Allowing the crowd a few minutes to soak up the beautiful girls, Wario then told the crowd that the girls would be putting on a show. On cue, a stripper pole rose out of the front of the stage. With a spotlight on the front and music blaring, the girls stepped up to show off their stuff. Wii Fit Trainer was first, and it was obvious she was still nervous about her body being shown off like this. She moved past the pole and started dancing, but incorporating her yoga moves into it. She stretched her body in all sorts of different directions, which made her breasts thrust towards the crowd. Moving down on her hands and knees, she used her Bridge pose to emphasize her legs, before bowing down and taking off her throng. Turning her back to the audience, Trainer thrust her ass in the air, causing her butt cheeks to jiggle and the crowd to go wild. After a few thrusts, she got on her back and thrust her pelvis upward again, this time showing off her pussy to the crowd. Eventually she got up and pulled up her top, showing off her milky white breasts. Grabbing the pole behind her, Trainer jiggled her tits a bit, garnering a large cheer. Ending her performance, Wii Fit Trainer strutted off the stage.

Next up was Peach and Zelda walking out together. The two ladies grasped each other’s hands and looked deep into their eyes. Zelda was still nervous about doing this, so Peach ended up taking the lead. Grabbing the small of the girl’s back, Peach pulled Zelda closer and kissed her deeply, which got a huge cheer from the crowd. Zelda eagerly returned the kiss, and both girls were using their arms to explore the other’s body. Peach reached down and grabbed Zelda’s ass, making the stoic girl gasp. Eventually, the two separated once again, but only for a second as Zelda started her part of the routine next. She spun Peach around so her back was facing the audience and pulled the woman’s skirt down, exposing her big ass to the horny crowd. Peach fake-acted embarrassed as Zelda slapped the jiggling ass, and soon turned around. Next part, Zelda came up behind Peach and grabbed her boobs, kneading them and making her gasp before ripping off her top, exposing the luscious orbs, and then throwing the bra into the audience. Peach acted shocked, but did nothing to cover up her boobs. Instead, she smiled and grabbed Zelda, tearing off her leotard at the pre-cut seam, leaving the woman naked. Feeling mischievous, Peach then stuck her fingers inside Zelda’s pussy and began to finger her. Shocked, since this wasn’t part of the plan, Zelda gasped and quickly lost all of her strength. It took only a few minutes for Zelda to climax, screaming in pleasure. The crowd, as expected, was eating it up.

Soon after, it was Palutena’s turn. Flicking her hair back, the goddess confidently strutted forward. The crowd was a little unsure if she could top the lesbian show that proceeded her, but Palutena wasn’t worried. Once her song started, the deity got serious. Starting off with a belly dance routine, Palutena shook her hips and tits like nobody’s business, perfectly dancing in time with the music. Smirking at the men in the crowd, she got closer and bent down, shaking her ass inches from the men in front of her. One of the guys reached out and slapped her ass, to which Palutena responded with a sexy gasp. Twirling back towards the pole, she quickly stripped her top and bottom off, but before throwing them out into the audience, she rubbed them on her pussy, coating them in her juices. She smiled as the guys who managed to catch them immediately sniffed them. Now nude, Palutena continued her dance. Grabbing the pole, she spun around on it, climbing up and then upside down, showing off how limber she was. Standing behind the pole, Palutena then squeezed her large breasts onto the pole and began to titty fuck the pole, gasping and moaning to add to the effect. After a few minutes, she let go of her breasts, but continued to hump the pole, visibly coating it in her sweet nectar. The crowd was going wild, responding to Palutena’s utter arrogance on the dance floor. Near the end of her dance, Palutena strutted to the top of the stage, knelt down, and cupped the head of a guy in front of her. She then leaned forward and gave him a soft, slow, and sensual kiss, devouring his mouth. The man, way over stimulated, creamed his pants immediately and just stood there, letting her do whatever she wanted. Eventually, Palutena let go and gave him a sexy smile, before strutting back, making sure her hips swayed sexily as she walked.

The crowd absolutely went bonkers once all the dances ended. Wario grinned, they would throw additional millions at him just after that sexy little show. However, first thing was first. He walked up and announced that they were holding a raffle. Everyone got a ticket as they paid for their tickets, and he would be choosing four numbers. Whoever was called got to come up and actually fuck one of the ladies right there on stage. Given that every man in the crowd was extremely hard, the thought of fucking these gorgeous women sent them into overdrive. The four ladies on stage stood posing sexily, their bare bodies on full display. Peach was her typical bubbly self, winking to her possible suitors. Wii Fit Trainer was a little nervous, but idly played with her pussy while waiting. Zelda was still trying to recover from her orgasm before and continued shuddering. Palutena once again assumed a very confident, sexy pose, jutting out her hips, pushing her breasts out, and giving the crowd the epitome of a “come hither” look. Mona brought out the raffle box and four numbers were chosen. The lucky men practically raced up on stage.

As the men got up on stage, the four ladies walked forward a bit and all four bent over, offering their shapely asses and glistening vaginas to the winning fuck buddies. The four men tore off their pants as fast as possible, showing off their hard dicks. With little prompting, the guys ran up and immediately stuck their dicks in, no foreplay or warning beforehand. The girls all squealed and moaned as they were penetrated. Energized by the dance, the guys were thrusting as hard and fast as they could, savoring the top shelf pussy wrapping up their cocks. They were thrusting so hard the girls were losing their balance, being held up solely by the guys’ firm grip on their hips. The crowd was loving it, however, thanks to the big thrusting causing the girls’ boobs to jiggle and shake wildly.

Even though she was used to fucking massive cocks like Wario, Peach was growing a bit unsure about her current fuck buddy. He had a nice cock, but was thrusting so hard she was beginning to lose her balance. Still, she had already cum once and was well on her way to another orgasm, so it wasn’t all bad. Wii Fit Trainer was just happy to be having sex and was enjoying being used, though she wasn’t quite as comfortable as her peers. She bit her finger to keep from moaning or yelping too loudly, especially when she came on the cock fucking her again. Zelda was starting to feel some shame as her current position really hit home for her. She used to be a prim and proper ruler of one of the most prosperous kingdoms in the land, and now she was having sex with a random stranger up on stage in front of hundreds of people. Not helping was that her partner knew how to use his cock and was stirring her up really well. The humiliation was great, not that her lover was noticing. As for Palutena, She was actually surprised. The guy she got paired with actually had a cock almost as big as Wario’s, and it was almost more than she could handle. She was forced down because her body became wracked with pleasure, her previous arrogance and confidence now completely changed to docile meekness as she was constantly moaning.

All four guys tried to hold out as much as they could, but having such beautiful famous women in their grip was eventually too much for them and they all exploded in less than ten minutes.The guys fucking Peach and Trainer dumped their seed inside the girls, while the guy who was fucking Palutena pushed her down the ground and covered her back and hair in his cum, and the guy fucking Zelda quickly grabbed her hair and pulled it to his cock as it exploded, coating the former ruler’s face in his cum. The guys wanted the girls to clean their cocks off, but Wario forbade it, calling it a perk during a full purchase in his club when it opens. Grumbling, but still grateful for the extra fuck, the guys eventually shuffled off, leaving all four ladies crumpled on the ground, moaning in pleasure after being pounded so well. This only got the crowd even more energized as Wario picked the next group.

So it went for a while now. Four guys were picked, they came up on stage, took off their pants, and ravished the beautiful ladies. Some wanted to fuck their pussies, some wanted to fuck their asses, and some wanted a blowjob. All four women obeyed whatever command was given and did their best to please the winners. Some of them requested a chair, where the girl they were paired with rode their cocks. Knowing they needed to put on a show, the girls moaned freely and shook their hips as they bounced up and down on the cock. After about a dozen guys each, however, the girls were starting to get exhausted, not to mention a bit smelly since they were all covered from head to toe in cum. Eventually, Wario decided to end the raffle, much to the crowd’s disappointment. Wario then reminded the crowd that these sluts would be available for rent once his club opens up next week. Though she was exhausted, Palutena motioned for Zelda to crawl over, and while Wario was giving his speech, the goddess began licking all the cum off the woman, doing so in a slow, sexy way to pump up the crowd once again. Seeing how the crowd was reacting, Peach called Trainer over and the two of them began to make out as well.

Wario couldn’t help but laugh as he finished his little pitch. He was so glad he listened to Mona. These little sluts would get him more than millions, they might even get him billions of dollars. And no pesky heroes were gonna come and rescue them, so his fortune was guaranteed.

if Wario had known being a pimp was going to be this great, he’d have done it years ago.

(Continue to Part 11)


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