Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 1: The Princess Maids)

Wario was always greedy, but things were getting a bit out of hand. His lust for treasure was causing all kinda of problems in the Mushroom Kingdom, such as stealing and desecrating the land. The various citizens of the world went to Princess Peach for help in curbing Wario’s rampant greed. Peach, fed up herself with Wario’s constant troublemaking and with Mario away doing his own thing, decided to take care of him herself. Luckily, Princess Daisy was visiting and offered her assistance in taking care of the disgusting scumbag. Wario, naturally, ignored the two ladies completely, instead deciding to flirt with them instead. Disgusted by his chauvinist actions, Peach and Daisy challenged Wario to a Smash Battle to settle things. Grinning even wider than normal, the fat treasure hunter readily agreed.

They quickly agreed to the rules. Peach and Daisy would team up and take on Wario. If either Princess won, Wario would have to stop his rampant stealing and be satisfied with his current wealth. If Wario won, however, he could do whatever he wanted and the Princesses would not object. Feeling confident about their fighting prowess, the girls agreed. Thus, the battle began. Peach and Daisy attacked using their turnips and Toad retainers, but Wario simply bodied each and every attack the two ladies used. After going on the defensive to start the battle, Wario decided to launch his surprise attack and went on the offensive. Shocked by his sudden vigor, the two Princesses were stunned by the fat mogul’s powerful techniques. Once he got going, neither Peach nor Daisy could weather the assault. The match soon ended with Wario victorious. Peach and Daisy were lying on the ground, both unconscious from their vicious defeat. Grinning evilly, Wario picked up the two Princesses, carrying them over his shoulders as he laughed all the way to his house. He was going to hold the two ladies to their word.

A few hours later, Peach woke up and rubbed her eyes awake. As she was rubbing her eyes, she heard metal clanging and found a metal shackle chained up to her right wrist. Startled awake, Peach looked around to take hold of her surroundings. It looked like a basement, with wooden walls everywhere, a full bar, a bunch of arcade and pinball games, and other mancave-esque decorations. Peach then went back to her shackled wrist, and saw that it was bolted to the wall. She tried to pull at the chain, but the heavy metal was more than she could handle. That’s when she noticed the most troubling part: She was naked! Peach instinctively tried to cover herself when she heard moaning next to her. She looked over and saw another bed with Daisy on it. Like Peach, Daisy had her wrist shackled and chained to the wall and she was naked as well. Before Peach could explain what was going on to Daisy, they heard someone come down the steps. It was Wario!

Peach immediately demanded the fat bastard let her go, but Daisy launched into a curse-laden tirade after realizing their predicament. Wario simply laughed at the girls’ suffering and said that he was holding the girls to their word. They would do anything he wanted, and he wanted them to be his slaves. After all, he was sick of their constant interfering in his business and he needed housekeepers. Of course, Peach and Daisy flatly refused to be his house slaves and once again demanded he let them go. The greedy man once again let out a belly laugh and began to remove his outfit. The girls were initially disgusted, covering their eyes in horror, but were shocked a few minutes later. For such a portly, stocky man, they figured he would have an average cock, but that was not the case at all. Wario’s cock was freaking huge! It had to be close to 10 inches and extremely thick. His face gained an evil, sinister grin, making his intent even clearer. Daisy and Peach then tried to back away, but with their wrist shackled, they couldn’t get very far.

Wario then leaped up and slammed onto Daisy’s bed, bouncing her up on the bed. Daisy attempted to kick the fat man away, but he easily caught her legs and pulled her close. Before she realized what was happening, Daisy found herself trapped underneath Wario, his gigantic, grinning face looming down over her. His terrible garlic breath cascaded down onto her face, causing the helpless girl to stifle some vomit. It was all Daisy could do to support herself under Wario’s heavy mass as he liberally grabbed and prodded the Princess’ bountiful breasts. The greed-obsessed hunter licked and chewed on her wonderful bosom, causing the girl to yelp in pain, once again letting out curses against her rapist. Wario licked Daisy’s face in response, which once again almost made the girl want to throw up.

After about ten or fifteen minutes of of foreplay, it was time for the main event. Wario leaned back and forced Daisy’s legs farther apart, giving him clear access to her pussy. Panicking, Daisy pleaded for Wario to stop and apologized for cursing at him. Her pleas did nothing but egg the evil man on as he guided his cock in. Princess Daisy groaned as she felt his massive rod begin to enter her cunt and soon felt Wario’s dick reach her hymen. The disgusting man laughed heartily at being the one to take Daisy’s virginity, pulled back, and slammed his massive rod in as far as it could go. The abused Princess could only look up the ceiling in shock at the pain of having her virginity taken and fell back on the bed, lying there motionless as Wario continued to pump his tool in and out of her pussy. The rapist was in heaven having his cock enveloped by Daisy’s warm snatch and not really caring that his victim was in a state of shock. Eventually, Wario couldn’t hold out any longer and jammed his cock as far as it could go, shooting his sperm deep into Daisy’s womb. Near the end, the fat man took out his cock and sprayed the rest of his semen all over Daisy’s limp body and face, coating her in Wario’s sperm. Finally coming down from her shock, Daisy then began to cry over being raped as Wario laughed.

Once he got his fill of sadistic enjoyment from Daisy’s suffering, Wario jumped off the bed and moved to his other captive. Peach, who had been watching the entire rape, curled up in the corner of the bed and begged Wario to leave her alone, crying heavily. As Wario got onto the bed, Peach noticed that his massive tool was already hard once again and shuddered. As the evil man came up upon the helpless woman, his massive face and evil grin made Peach feel incredibly small and weak. He reached out and began to caress Peach’s head. She twitched back at first, but Wario patting her head calmed her down a bit. Peach was starting to come about when Wario gently grabbed her head and pushed it down. Soon enough, she realized the evil man wanted her to give him a blowjob. While Wario’s grip was gentle, it was also firm, making Peach realize she wasn’t escaping. Deciding to surrender, Peach closed her eyes and opened her mouth, taking Wario’s smelly dick into her mouth. Tasting a combination of Daisy’s blood, Wario’s semen, and his stink, Peach struggled to satisfy her rapist while also not gagging. Eventually, Wario got sick of Peach’s slow pace and grabbed her head, face fucking her to help quicken the pace. Peach quickly removed her hands and just let him rape her mouth.

This lasted for a few minutes before the vile treasure hunter decided to change things him. He pulled Peach’s head off and then threw her on the open part of the bed, quickly grabbing her legs and spreading them open as he aimed his cock. Once again, though Peach was crying, she didn’t struggle and accepted that she was going to be raped. Still with his evil grin, Wario lined up his cock and slammed it home. However, to his surprise, he didn’t hit any hymens this time. Peach admitted that she was not a virgin. Bowser had fucked her a couple times when he kidnapped her. Wario laughed as he began to pump in and out, causing the Princess to grunt and moan at his thrusts. Wario then leaned down and began to lick Peach’s face. Though he was extremely disgusting, Peach continued to just lie there and let him ravish her. His tongue was almost as big as her face and made her feel like trash, which oddly enough made her aroused, maybe as a side effect of the rapes by Bowser.

As Wario pumped in and out of the other Princess, Daisy remained in the same position Wario left her. She had calmed down from her shock and was watching Peach’s rape with a forlorn look on her face. Peach had her eyes closed and was actually moaning after a few minutes, shocking the abused tomboy, causing fresh tears to fall from her eyes. Wario saw Daisy watching them and grinned once again as he pumped Peach again and again. Soon enough, Wario couldn’t hold out and shot his seed into Peach’s abused pussy, overflowing it in seconds. The disgusting rapist then pulled out his cock, let loose his remaining semen on Peach’s face, and then sat down on Peach’s stomach, causing his flaccid cock to flap down on Peach’s breasts and face. Peach groaned in pain at the heavy weight on her body and noted that her arms were pinned under the fat man. She breathed heavily as Wario’s cock obscured her vision, though she could tell the man was grinning with triumph. Peach eventually sighed and began to lick and kiss Wario’s cock, cleaning it as best she could. Wario laughed once again. It was going to be great fun training these two bitches.

One week later, Wario came home after another day of looting. After tossing his new gold in his vault, he stripped off his clothes until he was wearing nothing more than an undershirt, his boxers, gloves, and worn-out socks. Plopping down on his recliner, Wario snapped his fingers, summoning his new servants.

Out walked Peach and Daisy. Both were wearing modified French Maid outfits, complete with lace and corset, except they were missing the skirts and aprons, only wearing the panties instead. The two maids also wore black stockings and high heel boots to complete the sexy look. Peach quickly rushed in and knelt down, awaiting her master’s orders while Daisy came in a few minutes later. She was still not broken and refused to kneel. Annoyed at the tomboy bitch. Wario decided to punish both the girls for Daisy being late and refusing to obey. He shackled their hands behind their back, fastened iron shackles to their ankles, and stuffed dildo gags in their mouths. Peach pleaded with her eyes for mercy, which amused the man, but Daisy just looked pissed.

Wario then ordered Peach to get him a glass of champagne, and if she spilled it, she would be punished. The former Princess suddenly got very scared and ran off to complete her order. Grabbing Daisy’s head, he threw her to the ground in front of his chair, face down and ass up. Wario then flopped down and put up his feet, using Daisy’s ass as an ottoman. Daisy once again started cursing up a storm through her gag, especially since she could smell his stinky feet from where she was. Wario simply picked his nose as he watched TV, ignoring the slut beneath him. Breaking Peach had been easy as pie, but breaking Daisy was getting annoying. He needed some way to truly make her his.

After a few minutes, Peach came shuffling back in wearing a tray fastened to her waist and a glass of champagne on top of it. However, she was having trouble balancing the tray with her legs chained up and just before she could reach Wario’s chair, she tripped and spilled the glass on the carpet. Wario looked at the slut with a mixture of disappointment and anger, causing Peach to frantically beg for forgiveness, bowing up and down frantically since her gag didn’t allow her pleads to go through. He’d have to give her a harsh punishment later on. Daisy, meanwhile, could only look on in despair as she saw her close friend being so submissive.

Suddenly, the door opened and a young red-headed woman named Mona walked in. She was madly in love with Wario and wanted to ask him out on a date when she came across the love of her life with the two princess slaves. For a quick moment, the two of them held out hope that Mona would help them escape when the sexy fashionista instead lightly chided Wario for needing sex slaves when he had her all along. She then glomped Wario and began twisting his mustache, telling him how sexy he was to dominate the girls like that. As much as she wanted to be Wario’s girl, she knew he was way too much man for one woman. Then, she got a brilliant idea and whispered it in Wario’s ear. As he heard about Mona’s plan, the corrupt man got a shit-eating grin as he eyes his two princess slaves.

Peach and Daisy both recoiled as hard as they could. Whatever Mona’s idea was, it was something that the two former princesses were definitely not going to like.

But whatever it was, it was certain that Peach and Daisy would continue to regret ever crossing Wario’s path.

(Continue to Part 2)

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