Plasma Injection


Going on a Pokémon journey is a rite of passage for many people, and young Rosa was no exception. She began her journey to be a Pokémon Champion, but her rival and friend Hugh had another goal in mind, to rescue his sister’s Purrloin from the grip of Team Plasma. The evil group had been defeated by the former Champion Hilbert two years ago, but there were still small splinter cells scattered about. As she continued her journey, she found out Team Plasma had two different groups. One embraced the old group’s ideals about Pokémon salvation and embraced a cause to save abused and hurt Pokémon, following in the footsteps of their old King N. The other group, however, followed the truth of Team Plasma under N’s father Ghetsis, taking away Pokémon from the people to eliminate any resistance so they could take over and control the entire Unova Region. Though Hugh viewed both groups the same and could only see things in black and white, Rosa learned to appreciate the former group while wanting to stop the latter.

She, Hugh, and the Gym Leader Cheren ended up meeting up at the Pokémon World Tournament just south of Driftveil City. After competing in the tournament, the three of them noticed that one of the ships in the nearby dock was being controlled by the new Team Plasma and they decided to investigate. It didn’t take long for the group to be discovered, however, as they were confronted by one of the Seven Sages, Zinzolin, as well as the Shadow Triad and many Grunts. Determined to stop them once and for all, Hugh told them they were going to feel his rage and called out his Pokémon, despite Cheren’s advice to stand back. Not wanting to let her friend face the group alone, Rosa joined in. The three Trainers attacked, but Team Plasma, especially the Shadow Triad, were a lot tougher than they thought. In no time, all of the Pokémon belonging to Rosa, Hugh, and Cheren had fainted. Cheren tried to form an escape path, but the Triad was faster and captured the three intruders. Zinzolin ordered that the three be taken down below deck and kept prisoner until they dealt with them later.

Down below, Rosa found herself completely helpless. She had been tied down with thin black rope. Her arms had been bound behind her and more rope tied her down to the floor, so even though her legs were free, there wasn’t any way for her to wriggle free. More troublesome, they also tied a rope along her crotch, and it was so tight that, even with her tights and culottes adding layers, the rope was still digging into her slit. Annoyingly, the rope was causing the girl to get aroused despite her perilous situation. The cloth tied around her mouth gagging her wasn’t much help either. Rosa continued to wriggle in her bonds in the vain hope to loosen her bonds when she heard the door open.

Several male Grunts walked through the door, all of them looking down at the helpless girl as they grinned evilly. They removed the hood covering their mouths, and the evil smiles terrified Rosa and she began struggling even more, causing the rope to dig even further in her crotch. The evil Grunts laughed as the girl continued to wiggle helplessly before them. One of the Grunts knelt down and told the desperate girl that, as a reward for another successful mission, their commander Zinzolin has given them Rosa as a reward, allowing them to do whatever they wanted to the bound girl. Realizing what they intended, the young Trainer began to panic even more, screaming into her gag to let her go as the Grunts decided to get started on their celebration.

Quickly grabbing her legs and taking her shoes off, the Grunts held the helpless girl down as another Grunt quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his big cock, causing the girl to scream again as she was unable to scoot away from the evil henchmen. He leaned down and removed the rope over Rosa’s crotch. He then pushed her culottes to the side and ripped off the crotch portion of Rosa’s tights, exposing her pussy to the world. The Grunt laughed and taunted the girl as he noticed she had gotten wet from the crotch rope, causing her to be ashamed and embarrassed at the rough treatment. Moving his gloved hand, the Grunt fingered Rosa’s pussy, laughing as she wriggled under his touch and her pussy became even wetter. Another Grunt bent down and kissed and licked Rosa’s cheek while kneading her breasts through her shirt, making her face even redder in both shame and arousal.

After a few minutes, the Grunt fingering her pussy grew impatient and wanted to get the party started. He lined up his cock and slowly pushed in, causing the girl to squeal as her body was invaded. After he got in a few inches, he pulled back and slammed his cock into her pussy, stretching it as far as it could go. Rosa shrieked in pain as her virginity was forcefully taken away from her. Furthermore, the cock invading her pussy felt a lot bigger than it looked, as her opening felt as though it would be stretched to the limit and completely broken. As her rapist began to pump in and out of her body, Rosa closed her eyes and cried, desperate to take her mind away from the pain and abuse but being unable to. She grunted every time the Grunt slammed his cock down in her cunt, pushing the young girl to the brink of sanity. The feeling of the tight, warm virgin pussy around his cock was too much for the evil henchman and after a few minutes, he was ready to explode. After shooting a few streams inside her womb, the Grunt pulled out and began to shoot the rest of his semen all over Rosa’s body, staining her clothes. She whimpered at the humiliation.

One of the Grunts noted that it would be better if her body was covered in cum instead of her clothes and decided to untie the abused girl. When she was freed and her gag removed, Rosa attempted to escape, but her body was already wrecked and weakened from the other rape, so it was rather easy for one of the Grunts to pin Rosa down with her hands above her head. She screamed to release her, but instead the evil men pulled up her shirt, exposing her perky breasts for all to see.

The next Grunt stepped up and took firm hold of Rosa’s legs, preventing her from kicking him away. Grinning widely, he lined up his cock and slammed Rosa’s beaten snatch. Rosa yelped in pain and once again shouted and grunted at every thrust, begging for mercy as she felt more helpless than ever before. As for the Grunt, he was in heaven. Though her pussy was sloppy from the previous fuck, it was still very tight and wrapped around his cock like a glove. Two other Grunts bent down and began fondling, licking, and sucking on Rosa’s breasts and nipples. She moaned in a mixture of agony and pleasure as her body struggled to endure the assault against her. Soon enough, what remaining strength Rosa had was evaporating as her body began to respond more to the evil men abusing it. Her nipples had become extremely erect, which shamed her even more when the Grunts made fun of her for it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her pussy was gushing and the invading cock actually made her orgasm, scorching her soul as her remaining strength evaporated.

Soon enough, the Grunt raping her could hold on no longer and told his teammates to back away. He then pulled out and aimed his cock at Rosa’s stomach, shooting his seed all over the young girl’s bare body. She was mortified at seeing the disgusting display, but the Grunt wasn’t done as he moved forward, shooting his seed into her face and head. Rosa began to cry in humiliation once again, but she didn’t have any time to contemplate what happened when the next Grunt knelt down to take her pussy. She wailed as yet another cock invaded her body and began its assault. As the new cock pounded her body again and again, Rosa was a blubbering mess, begging for mercy even though she knew they would fall on deaf ears.

Each Grunt took a turn in the young girl’s pussy, ravaging her body. The Grunt holding her hands eventually released her. Having been wrecked by all the rapes and abuse, Rosa was far too weak to struggle or offer any resistance and just lied there and let them ravish her. One of the previous Grunts turned her head to the side and ordered her to clean his cock. Though she initially refused, it took minimal persuasion to get the young girl to acquiesce and open her mouth. The taste of her juices on his cock felt both disgusting and pleasurable at the same time. With her body’s arousal urging her on, Rosa glumly licked her rapist’s cock until it got hard once again. Then he grabbed her head and began to face fuck her. Rosa gasped for air as the cock rammed down her throat, but luckily, it didn’t take long before he exploded again, shooting semen down her throat. When he removed his cock, Rosa coughed and spit out the excess seed, but was quickly sucking another Grunt’s cock.

So it went for hours and hours. Rosa had given up completely, not even bothering to struggle as the evil men used and abused her body for their sadistic pleasure. By the time all the Grunts were done, Rosa laid on the floor, barely conscious, utterly caked in Team Plasma cum. She continued to cry as the Grunts laughed at her plight. What was left of her heart and soul became horrified as she listened to the Grunts talk about how she would be their sex toy for a long, long time.

Hugh had spent the last few weeks as Team Plasma’s captive and was still just as pissed as ever. Especially now. He had been raped by the female Grunts while he was their captive and told them he would never forgive them. Currently, he was tied down naked on a bed, his cock soft as the gagged boy contemplated a chance at escape. He hadn’t seen Rosa or Cheren since their capture and had grown worried for them. Suddenly, the door opened and Hugh looked at who entered, expecting another evil female Grunt had come to abuse him again. His eyes bulged at what he saw.

His best friend Rosa walked in, free of any bondage, but not in her normal clothes. Instead, she was in a standard Team Plasma Grunt uniform, with the black jumpsuit and vest, complete with beret and gloves. Hugh shouted to her to ask what was going on, eventually assuming she had gotten free and was wearing the outfit in order to sneak through the base undetected. If she had, they might have a chance at escape now. They might even be able to find out where his sister’s Purrloin was and even rescue Cheren. Hugh asked Rosa to release him so they could get started on their escape.

Looking down at the boy with a sad expression, Rosa glumly told Hugh that she wasn’t there to free him, and this wasn’t a disguise. The Grunts had gang raped her constantly the past few weeks and she couldn’t take the abuse for long. Ghetsis, leader of Team Plasma, offered her mercy if she joined the organization, and even though she didn’t want to help the evil group, she wanted the gang rapes to end and eventually accepted. After going through an indoctrination headed by Zinzolin, Rosa’s ideals and inner truth had been frozen over by Team Plasma’s cruel grip. She did have one major test left before she could be a true Grunt, however. She needed to convert Hugh to their cause as well.

Shocked at the turn events, Hugh couldn’t even fathom the words at seeing his friend now. These bastards abused his best friend so much that she bent to their will just for mercy! The young man begged Rosa to fight her orders and to resist, but the young girl simply ignored him as she removed her outfit until she was naked. Hugh looked on in shock as he noticed a Plasma logo tattooed just above his friend’s pussy, signifying that there was no going back. Rosa got on the bed and knelt by Hugh’s crotch, grabbing his dick and began to rub it up and down. It took her seconds to get the boy hard. With a heavy heart and an apologetic expression, Rosa looked Hugh in the eyes before closing them and putting his cock in her mouth, beginning to give him a blowjob. The boy tried to plead once again, but immediately moaned as Rosa’s mouth enveloped his rod. He may not have wanted this, but Rosa had become skilled at pleasing men and Hugh was quickly losing the will to fight back.

Rosa licked and sucked her friend’s cock, hoping that she could break him soon, if only for his own sake. She didn’t want him to suffer any more. She had seen that Ghetsis had gained control of both Kyurem and N’s Zekrom, meaning there was no one left who could stand against them. Instead of being prisoners, maybe if Hugh surrendered, they could be together when Team Plasma conquered Unova, which was a certainty now.

It was the only mercy she could offer her good friend.

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