Extinguishing the Sun of Alola

Selene was on top of the world. After setting off on her Pokémon journey with her new friend Lillie and her Pokémon Cosmog, nicknamed Nebby, Selene traversed around the Alola Region, defeating all of the Trial Captains and Kahunas. Along the way, they ran afoul of the Aether Foundation, a company that was about the preservation of Pokémon founded by Lillie’s mother, Lusamine, but due to being manipulated by otherworldly Pokémon known as Ultra Beasts, became harsh and evil. Luckily, Selene was able to help Lillie break through and save her mother, restoring the Foundation to its former glory. Soon after, Selene hiked up Mount Lanakila, site of Alola’s Pokémon League, and defeated the Elite Four, becoming Alola’s first ever Pokémon Champion.

Afterwards, there was a big celebration in honor of Selene, and she and Lillie grew even closer. The two girls were excited for the future, but dark clouds swirled overhead. After helping Sophocles ward off some mysterious thugs taking over the Festival Plaza, Selene was summoned by Lillie to the Aether Foundation. The young Champion arrived to find it had been transformed by an evil group calling itself Team Rainbow Rocket. They found out that one of the Aehter scientists, Faba, had betrayed the organization and brought in this evil team from another dimension. Worried for her mother, who was still trapped inside the building, Lillie asked Selene to stop the evil group.

That was easier said than done, however. Inside was an adult woman wearing a white Rainbow Rocket uniform. She introduced herself as Leaf and told the young girls that Rainbow Rocket was going to take over Alola in order to access the Ultra Beasts and use them to take over the multiverse. Selene yelled that Leaf needed to stop what she was doing and challenged her to a battle. Lillie offered to help with her healing items, but because she had just recently become a Trainer, she was unable to help directly. It didn’t matter, however, as Leaf called out a powerful team consisting of Groudon, Kyogre, Palkia, Reshiram, Yveltal, and Mewtwo. Though Selene was strong thanks to being a Pokémon Champion, she wasn’t able to defeat so many powerful Legendaries. All of her Pokémon were defeated, leaving the two girls helpless before the Rocket Admin. Selene was afraid the two of them would die, but after sizing the two young girls up, Leaf grinned and ordered some Grunts to bring the two captured Trainers to the Boss’ office. Though she was worried about what would happen to them, Selene didn’t resist as they escorted her. After all, with all of her Pokémon fainted, there wasn’t much she could do to fight back.

Upon entering the main office, the sight that greeted the two girls there was shocking, especially for Lillie. A sharp, well-dressed man was sitting in Lusamine’s chair as if he owned it. But that wasn’t the part that shocked them. In front of the man was Lusamine, naked on her knees, giving the evil man a blowjob. Introducing himself as Giovanni, leader of Rainbow Rocket, he talked about how he was from another dimension where he conquered Kanto thanks to his top Admin Leaf, but after discovering the existence of other dimensions, his thirst for conquest was extended. Using his machine, he was able to brainwash Lusamine into becoming his servant. He told his new slave to say hello. Lusamine took her mouth off of Giovanni’s cock, turned around, and smiled at Selene and Lillie. Lillie gasped in shock and was about to cry, barely able to comprehend what has happened to her mother. The mother told her daughter how wonderful it was being a Rocket Slut and that Lillie should join in. Then, she went back to sucking Giovanni’s cock.

Her heart completely broken by the sight of her mother like this, Lillie fell down to her knees, sobbing. Selene went to her friend to comfort her, but when Leaf stepped forward, the young Champion yelled at the Admin to leave them alone. Chuckling, Leaf told Selene that they’ll love being slaves to Rainbow Rocket. She motioned to two Grunts who grabbed Selene and moved her away from Lillie. The young Champion tried to kick and struggle away from the henchmen, but they were too physically strong. She was forced to watch as Leaf knelt down to Lillie and placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder, telling her everything would be fine. Lillie looked up with tears in her eyes. She wanted to run away from the evil Admin, but something about her eyes made her trustworthy. Leaf got Lillie to stand up and told her that she was going to be treated just right.

Before either Selene or Lillie knew what she meant, Leaf bent down and kissed the young girl, probing deep into her mouth and holding Lillie firmly so she couldn’t get away. Both Alolan girls were shocked. Lillie could do nothing but stand there with wide eyes as Leaf ravished her mouth. Soon, the young girl regained her senses and attempted to escape from Leaf’s grip, but was too weak to get away. Smiling inwardly at the young girl’s reactions, Leaf moved her hand and grabbed Lillie’s breast through her hoodie, massaging the plump mound. Seeing this, Selene once again tried to stop them but was held back. Leaf eventually let go of Lillie’s mouth, leaving the young girl gasping for air, her face red as an apple.

Seizing the chance to take advantage of Lillie’s weakened state, Leaf walked around Lillie and from behind, moved her hands under Lillie’s shirt and grabbed hold of the young girl’s small breasts, massaging and kneading them. At first, Lillie struggled against the molestation, but Leaf’s grip was too tight and her touch was too good. In minutes the young blonde girl was no longer able to fight back, her body awash with heat as Leaf’s manipulations to her body was having their intended effect. Lillie begged Leaf to stop, but the Admin just chuckled and told Lillie that she didn’t really want it to end. Lillie attempted to respond, but Leaf simply pinched the girl’s nipples and caused her to yelp. She could smell Lillie’s pussy leaking and told her that her snatch was speaking what she really wanted to say. All the time, Selene was still struggling, yelling at Leaf to let her friend go. Finally growing tired of her barking, Leaf told the Grunts to shut Selene up.

Grinning evilly at the commands, the two Grunts then roughly threw Selene onto the ground. Before the young girl could respond, one of the Grunts grabbed the girl’s arms and roughly pulled her arms back, tying them together with some tape one of the Grunts was carrying. The young girl tried to struggle to break loose, but with her arms now bound behind her, she was unable to get free. One of the Grunts then started tearing off Selene’s clothes, throwing her shoes and socks off before forcefully removing her shorts and panties while the other Grunt pulled her overshirt up to expose her nubile breasts. Taking a hold of her panties, the Grunt by Selene’s feet stuffed them in her mouth, while the other Grunt fastened them in with some tape. The helpless girl grunted as she saw the Grunt take out his cock, the stiff rod pointed straight at her wide open pussy. Smiling evilly, the man plunged his finger in the young girl’s opening. After watching Lusamine and Lillie, Selene’s body was responding to the finger invading her snatch, despite her deepest wishes.

Eventually deciding the young girl was lubricated enough, the Grunt fingering Selene was ready to take the true plunge. He grabbed Selene’s hips, lined up his cock, and slammed his cock down Selene’s pussy in one stroke. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Selene could only lie in shock as the rod stole her virginity in one powerful stroke. Once she regained her senses, Selene began to cry as her body was roughly violated by the evil henchman. Her eyes begged the rapist for mercy and to stop assaulting her, but when he met her eyes, there was nothing but evil lust behind them. The Grunt thrusted as hard as he could down Selene’s pussy. He was in heaven now, as her opening was extremely tight and was wrapping around his cock like a glove. It was some of the best pussy he’s ever had.

While Selene was being brutally raped, Lillie continued to be molested by Leaf. The young blonde squirmed in the Admin’s grip as her body felt like it was on fire. By this point Leaf had let go of Lillie’s breast and snaked her hand down under her skirt, grabbing her pussy and rubbing the sensitive opening. Though she desperately wanted the torture to end, the young girl was helpless to do anything to stop the older woman from getting her way. She clutched the older woman’s arms, but her body had lost what little physical strength she had so her struggles did nothing. Leaf’s manipulations of the young pussy was having the intended effect on the naive girl. Lillie was so focused on her own arousal she didn’t even notice her best friend being raped just to her side. After a few more minutes, Leaf briefly let go of the girl and began to take off Lillie’s clothes until the girl was completely naked. The now nude girl simply stood there, trying to catch her breath. She wanted to protest being nude in front of other people, but no words came out of her mouth.

Quickly going back to fondling Lillie, Leaf dove right in now that there were no longer any barriers between them. As she continued fingering Lillie, she slowly moved the young girl forward. Before the young girl knew what was happening, she found herself in front of Giovanni, her body still being molested by Leaf. Her mother Lusamine was still worshiping the Rocket Boss’ cock when she noticed her daughter standing behind her. She popped the cock from her mouth and gently brought her daughter to her knees. The beautiful mother brought her daughter forward and encouraged her to try giving her new Master a blowjob of her own. Everything in Lillie’s head told her this was wrong and to get away, but with her body as aroused as it was, it wasn’t responding. In fact, her pussy was gushing even more now. The dazed girl looked at her mother, who smiled warmly at her. It had been years since Lillie saw that smile, and if they were strong enough to beat Selene, there wasn’t much they could do to fight back anyway. If she got to be with her mother, it was worth surrendering. Lillie leaned forward and began to lick Giovanni’s rigid cock.

Elsewhere, Selene grunted as her body continued to be abused. The first Grunt had dumped his load in her pussy and was currently holding her down as the second Grunt began to rape her. With the constant pounding, Selene’s body was getting weaker and weaker. She had stopped struggling as she knew deep down she couldn’t escape and just concentrated as best she could to endure the torment. The first Grunt grew hard again and, seeing that the slut was no longer attempting to escape, let go and sat down on the girl’s chest. He took Selene’s soft breasts and wrapped them the best he could around his cock. Embarrassed at this man using her boobs to please his cock, Selene grunted as the tip of the cock constantly hit her chin. After a while, both Grunts had reached their limit, with the second Grunt releasing his seed in her pussy while the first squirted all over her face. Ashamed at being covered in cum from her rapists, Selene continued to cry. She took the time to look around and find her friend, eventually seeing Lillie willingly sucking Giovanni’s cock. Looking at her friend submitting, any resistance Selene had melted away. As the Grunts began molesting her body some more, Alola’s first Champion just lied there, the light of the moon in her soul vanishing by the second.

One year later, things on Alola had changed. With Leaf by his side, Giovanni and Team Rainbow Rocket was able to devastate the Region, defeating all the Kahunas and conquering the land with minimal fuss. The Tapu deities attempted to stop them, but with an endless supply of Master Balls and the strongest Pokémon in the land, even those powerful Pokémon were helpless before the Rockets. Having gained full control, Giovanni was able to mass produce the Beast Balls, allowing him to capture Ultra Beasts en masse.

For the original and only Alolan League Champion, life was no longer as bright as it used to be. She and her friend Lillie were now in a Rocket-sponsored brothel, along with the other female Trial Captains and Kahunas. Currently they were both bound to a stripper pole. Selene was wearing her old cap and shirt, which was pulled up to expose her well-used body, while Lillie was wearing a white shirt and a skirt so short it might as well have been a belt. Both were blindfolded and wearing earrings with their price tags attached. Lillie was initially upset at being a sex slave, but since she got to spend so much time with her mother, it wasn’t all bad. As long as she was with Lusamine, Lillie didn’t mind getting fucked by Master Giovanni or Mistress Leaf.

The same couldn’t be said for her friendship with Selene. Even a year later, Selene was still mouthing off to her Rocket superiors, and she once attempted to abduct Lillie and run away to another Region before they were captured. As punishment, they were tied up in their current positions, blindfolded so that they didn’t know who was using their bodies, with Selene gagged so she couldn’t mouth off anymore. With the cheap prices they were discounted to, there were hundreds of men lined up to fuck and abuse the poor girls, including men they knew rather well such as their old friend Hau. Lillie had grown to resent her former friend for attempting to separate her from her mother and said as much during the breaks in between clients. As another cock pounded her sore pussy, Selene cried into her gag upon hearing her former friend curse her out.

Selene used to be on top of the world, excited for a bright future.

Now, the sun lighting her heart had set, with the moon of her soul vanishing into the ether.

The Champion of Alola would forevermore be a cheap whore serving the true rulers of the multiverse, Team Rainbow Rocket.

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