A Sex Slave Flares Up


After recently moving to Vaniville Town, Serena made some friends who eventually convinced her to start a Pokémon journey. Though they soon parted ways to different paths, Serena kept in constant contact with Calem, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno as they continued their travels. Along the way, the group ran into Team Flare, a “fashionable” organization who were up to nefarious misdeeds. Eventually, Serena met up with Calem, Shauna, and Trevor outside the Poké Ball Factory, and Trevor suggested they go on a tour of the factory to see how Poké Balls are made. As they tried to enter, however, they discovered that Team Flare had taken over the factory!

As Trevor ran to get help, Shauna caused a distraction to allow Serena and Calem to get inside and find out what was going on. Eventually, the two Trainers made their way to the President’s office to see him being assaulted by two of Team Flare’s top scientists, Celosia and Byrony.  Serena challenged the two women to a Pokémon Battle, vowing to defeat them once and for all and insulting their fashion and hairstyle as well. Pissed off, the two scientists decided to not mess around and called out their top Pokémon Manetric and Liepard. Unfortunately for Serena, the two scientists were excellent Pokémon Trainers and defeated the two young teens. Byrony started mocking Serena over her defeat as Celosia resumed her negotiations with the President. Serena attempted to attack them herself, but Manetric and Liepard pounced, easily pinning both her and Calem to the ground, the Pokémon growling right in the Trainers’ faces. As the two teens lay helpless on the ground, A few Grunts came walking in, dragging in Shauna, who had her hands bound behind her. The young girl panicked at her friends’ predicament, but she was interrupted by Celosia, who walked over holding several Master Balls. Looking at the captives, she grinned and ordered the three prisoners to be taken with them.

Over at the Team Flare Secret HQ, Serena was all by her lonesome in a cell. Her Pokémon were taken away from her and she hadn’t seen Calem or Shauna since they entered the hideout. She was worried about  her Pokémon and her friends, but she had no idea how to get out of her cell and escape. Days passed by. Sometimes a couple female Grunts came in with food and allowed her to wash herself or go to the bathroom, but aside from that Serena had no contact with anyone else. After almost two weeks in isolation, the door suddenly opened and two male Grunts came walking in. They told Serena they were to escort her to Byrony’s lab. Knowing they wouldn’t answer her questions about where her Pokémon or her friends were, Serena merely complied as she was lead to her lab. What she saw in there shocked her.

Shauna was kneeling on the floor, her ankles chained to the floor by strange cuffs while her hands were bound above and behind her with similar cuffs attached to a strange machine. What worried Serena was that the young girl was mostly naked. Shauna wore a metal collar, cups on her small breasts, and a pair of bottoms with wires attached to her ass and crotch, complete with a ball gag in Shauna’s mouth. The girl looked to be in the throes of ecstasy, her eyes glazed over in pleasure. Her body was completely covered in sweat as she screamed into her gag once again thanks to the diabolical machine giving her another orgasm.

Near Shauna, Serena saw Byrony and Calem. The green-haired woman was naked, her well-toned body on display for all to see. She wasn’t even wearing her visor. In front of her was Calem, also naked save for a metal collar and a leash leading up to Byrony’s hand. He had his back to Serena and was busy licking and sucking the scientist’s pussy. When he heard Serena gasp, he looked up and turned around. Serena felt disgusted as she saw the dried juices around Calem’s mouth. The young boy tried to tell Serena to run away, turning around, but was suddenly convulsing in pain and fell down on the ground. Serena thought that maybe the collar had a shocking mechanism installed, but noticed he was grabbing his crotch. When he removed his hands, she noticed that his cock was locked in a chastity device with an extra shock motor attached next to it.

Blushing in embarrassment, Serena tried to back away, but the male Grunts behind her grabbed her arms firmly, causing the girl to panic. Byrony finally took notice of Serena and invited her in. She explained to the young girl that she needed to teach the three of them a lesson for interfering in Team Flare’s operation. Luckily, she had a wonderful stimulation machine that allowed her to manipulate a captive’s sexual areas however she wanted. Calem was the first subject and it took less than a day for him to break. The young boy, now on his knees, looked away in embarrassment. After enjoying his body for a few days, Byrony moved on to Shauna. She last a few more days, but after one of the sessions she insulted Byrony. In revenge, Shauna was subjected to far more torture than what was needed, leaving the young girl to go insane from the constant barrage of pleasure.

Serena began to cry at seeing the state of her friends, and when Byrony said that it was her turn to be tortured, she tried to run away. Sadly for her, the two Grunts holding her kept their grip as they dragged the young girl over. Under Byrony’s orders, they tore Serena’s clothes off, leaving her clad in nothing but her over-the-knee socks. The two guys couldn’t help but take advantage of the situation and molested the poor girl, kneading her breasts, cupping her crotch, and slapping her ass. Serena yelped and begged them to stop, but neither the Grunts nor Byrony were listening to her. Calem looked at her in sympathy, but he dared not to move to help her. Byrony walked forward and performed her own inspection of Serena’s body. Despite her fear, all the touching of her most intimate parts was starting to have an effect on her, which didn’t escape the scientist’s notice.

Smiling and deciding to give the young girl even more despair, Byrony walked over to Shauna and released the young girl from her bondage. At first, Shauna was confused what was happening, but she saw Byrony and immediately started bowing, thanking her Mistress. Serena could only look on in horror as her best friend looked completely broken. The evil temptress then ordered Shauna to crawl over and get her friend ready for her own torture. Serena shouted and begged her friend not to obey her, but the glassy-eyed Shauna immediately started crawling over to her captured friend’s crotch. Eyeing the juicy slit, Shauna’s mouth watered as she lazily grinned, telling Serena that she’ll make her friend feel good. The young girl spread her friend’s nether lips and immediately dived right in. Serena’s struggles became wilder as she tried to get away from her friend unsuccessfully. What was worse, Shauna’s tongue was quickly doing a number on Serena. In minutes Serena’s body became flush with heat, the pressure building up in the young girl as Shauna manipulated Serena’s pussy like an expert.

Byrony observed the two girls in amusement. Seeing Serena fall so easily was hilarious. She’d be so, so much fun to torture. When she noticed Serena was about to orgasm, she commanded Shauna to stop. The young girl stopped immediately, still with the same dopey smile on her face. Both frightened and aroused at what was coming next, Serena looked at her captor with trepidation. Byrony ordered the Grunts to get the girl ready. They dragged the girl over to the stimulation machine. The panties she saw Shauna wear were still stained with her juices and she noticed they had two dildos attached to the inside. Again, Serena struggled, but she was far too weak to stop them. They attached the panties to the girl, jamming the dildo up her pussy and ass. The cups were attached to her breasts, with the Grunts taking one last chance to cup and massage them. After that, she was forced onto her knees and her wrists and ankles were locked, trapping the young girl, shaming her more. Byrony walked over and added the finishing touches, first a slave collar and then a ball gag.

Satisfied, the female scientist told the Grunts to take Shauna and get her cleaned up for her new role, giving them permission to indoctrinate the girl as they washed her up. Grinning widely, the two men gladly picked up the sex-addled girl and left. Serena watched her friend leave and felt sorry for what they did to her, while also scared that she will suffer the same fate. Calem, meanwhile, struggled mightily to stay kneeling in the corner, his body shaking in sadness as he began crying, watching another friend about to be sexually tortured. Serena saw his expression and felt sympathy, silently apologizing for getting him into this mess.

After Byrony sat back down in her chair, she turned the machine on. Serena felt the effects immediately. Her pussy, asshole, and boobs became stimulated all at once, electric currents running through the equipment and into her body. It wasn’t enough to hurt her, but it was enough to tickle her nipples, her pussy, and her ass. The intensity went up and down, varying in strength and wrecking the poor girl’s body. Her nipples, already erect thanks to Shauna’s tongue, somehow became even more erect, while her pussy felt like it was on fire. The inside of her crotch was stimulated all around by the dildo. Serena tried to wriggle and shake her ass to somehow escape the electric pulses, but it was to no avail. The girl moaned and screamed into her gag as the diabolical machine teased and tortured her body, causing Serena to come close to an orgasm. Then, suddenly, the electro pulses stopped. She hung her head and panted.

Seeing such a pest being tortured so excited Byrony a lot. The evil smile on her face told the whole story. She stopped the machine manually so Serena could come off from her high, letting the girl calm down before starting the machine again, turning it off once Serena was near orgasm. She could tell Serena was getting frustrated at not being able to climax and she laughed at the young girl’s plight. She asked Calem if he was amused by his friend’s torture, and he looked away silently. Annoyed by his response, Byrony pushed a different button, shocking Calem’s crotch again, causing him to collapse in pain. She stopped the shocking and asked him again. This time, the boy groaned and said that he did enjoy seeing his friend sexually tortured like this. The evil scientist grinned and ordered Calem to get back to licking her pussy.

For Serena, however, the exchange wasn’t even background noise to her. It was all she could do to keep her sanity in the clutches of the machine, the wires stimulating all the nerves in her body. It felt like a hot poker had been jammed in her holes and she was desperate for the process to end. As she had been a virgin with limited sexual experience, she wondered if actual sex was a torturous as this as her body built pressure from her arousal. She was silently begging the machine to allow her to orgasm, but once again, it stopped just before she could go over the edge. So it went for several hours. Serena’s body was sent to the brink and then given time to breathe  before being shocked again. Soon enough, the girl was panting and gasping, her body aching for release. She had no idea how Shauna managed to last several days in this machine. It had only been a few hours and Serena was already begging for mercy.

After a while, Serena once again was near the edge when the machine stopped and the electric pulses stopped jamming into her body. She again hung her head, gasping and panting as she tried to catch her breath before the next round. However, this time she heard footsteps and saw Byrony walk up, this time having gotten dressed. The evil scientist looked down at Serena’s eyes and drank in the wonderful sight. The young girl’s eyes were full of tears and regret, showing none of the fire she had shown in the Poké Ball Factory. Removing the gag, Serena immediately began apologizing and begging for mercy. She promised never to go against Team Flare again and they were the ultimate victors.

The evil Byrony loved hearing the little pest beg and plead and apologize. She ordered the young girl to continue begging, which Serena obeyed, desperate to avoid the torture. Byrony asked Serena what she was now, and she readily said she was Team Flare’s slave, once again apologizing for ever getting in their way and trying to foil their plans. The constant declarations of submission were music to Byrony’s ears, but she told Serena that she would need to pay a little more for her resistance. The color drained from the girl’s face as Byrony stood up and held the remote to the machine. She began to plead once again when the electric pulses started up once again. However, Byrony decided to offer the girl some mercy for finally surrendering. This time, she turned the dial all the way up and didn’t cut it off. Serena’s body became aflame and stiff as the electricity flowed through her body, but this time, she successfully went off the edge. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she had a massive orgasm, a large puddle forming on the floor in her juices as the machine caused her to have another orgasm, and another after that. Ten minutes later, Byrony stopped the machine, looking at the girl with glassy eyes, completely dead to the world.

Yes, Serena was going to be so much fun to play with.

Many weeks later, Serena was being led by a leash down a hall. She was on all fours and dressed up in an outfit. She wore yellow paw shoes, a wide pink dress, a short pink top that exposed her midriff, fluffy cuffs, and a headband with a bow and large Fennekin ears. A Grunt was walking her down the hall where she would participate in a party of Team Flare’s sponsors. Over the past few weeks, the young girl had been further sexually broken by Byrony, turning her into a horny slut that would  never disobey them ever again. She had been fucked by dozens of Grunts in that time, so she was quickly trained in the best ways to please men. This would be her grand debut to the greater public, though Shauna had been pimped out long before. As Serena entered the party, she saw quite a sight.

Shauna was on her knees in a pink bikini with ribbons all over, her hair made up to look like a Lopunny’s ears. She was surrounded by naked men, their cocks pointing straight at her head. Her face and body was stained with cum, with even more leaking out of her exposed cunt and asshole. Shauna was pumping two cocks and sucking another. The cock she was sucking soon exploded in her mouth, and as she had been trained, the slut swallowed every drop. As she let the cock go, the two cocks in her hands also exploded, coating her face in more semen. Shauna had the happiest look on her face, a look of pure bliss.

A month ago, Serena would have seen her friend like this and been scared or upset. However, after being used, abused, and trained so much, her reaction was wildly different. Serena’s mouth began watering as her pussy was leaking once again, even staining the floor. The Grunt holding her leash admonished her and gently slapped her head. Serena profusely apologized and begged for forgiveness when another of Team Flare’s sponsors walked up. He wanted to know who the new whore was, and Serena bowed her head, introducing herself. The man said he’d take the girl and the Grunt handed the leash over. Walking Serena over to a couch and taking out his cock, he ordered Serena to show off her blowjob skills. The young girl smiled, confirmed the order, and got to work, licking and sucking the first of many cocks she’d be servicing from now on.

As a girl, Serena always prided herself on her looks.

Team Flare only allowed the most beautiful people to join their organization.

It may have been as a lowly slave, but she was still a member of Team Flare.

For Serena and Shauna, this was the best thing that ever happened to them.

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