Wario’s Smashing New Business (Part 7: Avatar Objectification)

(Read Part 6)

Robin and Corrin were really getting worried about what was going on out there. The previous rulers of various kingdoms, such as the Princesses Peach, Daisy, and Zelda have seemingly abdicated their thrones, allowing them to be taken over by evil tyrants like Bowser and Ganondorf. The two ladies met up with Mario, Link, and Pit, but their rebellions against the evil rulers had failed. Knowing they needed help, they split up to find allies. Robin and Corrin attempted to search for Lucina, who had gone missing a few weeks ago, and their search led them to Wario, the goddess Palutena, and Captain Falcon. In order to find out what was going on, the women challenged them to a team Smash battle.

Captain Falcon accepted the challenge and met the two women in one of the nearby stone arenas, bringing Ganondorf with him. Corrin demanded to know why Falcon was helping Ganondorf take over the world and kidnap the various princesses, while Robin yelled and asked where Lucina was. For Falcon, he was merely a bounty hunter and a racer, not a superhero, and working for Wario came with some great benefits. Ganondorf then told the two ladies they would soon be in the same place as Lucina, giving a lecherous smile and causing the two women to shudder in fear.

Angry at their former ally’s betrayal, Robin and Corrin launched their attacks. Both women launched fast and furious attacks, swinging their swords in tight, controlled swings, while Robin launched her spells to cover Corrin and break up all the physical attacks. Falcon and Ganondorf calmly smiled as they dodged or blocked all of their attacks. Eventually, they went on the offensive. Corrin used her dragon powers to try and overwhelm Ganondorf, but his evil magic knocked her attacks back. She then leaped into the air to attack with her Yato, but Ganondorf also jumped, grabbing Corrin in a bear hug. Smirking, Ganondorf’s magic built up quickly and exploded outwards, severing damaging the dragon girl. Before she could recover, Ganondorf then leaped forward and grabbed Corrin by the throat. Concentrating dark magic in his fist, Ganondorf unleashed all of his power into Corrin. Overwhelmed by the King of Evil’s power, Corrin fell to the ground unconscious. Meanwhile, Captain Falcon nimbly dodged all of Robin’s attacks, and launched a powerful Falcon Kick into Robin’s gut. She was slammed into the ground, her breath taken from her. Robin saw Falcon charging in and launched an Arcfire, but he sidestepped the attack. Charging up, Falcon grinned and launched a mighty Falcon Punch, hitting Robin hard. The sorceress flailed backwards, leaving her body numb on the ground, her sword and tome flying from her hands and out of reach.

Walking over to the prone woman, Falcon looked down at her and smirked. Robin groaned and felt something odd. She looked down and saw that the Falcon Punch had shredded her top, exposing her bountiful breasts to the world. Gasping in shock, Robin attempted to cover herself, but that left her vulnerable to Falcon. He reached down and grabbed her legs, pulling the woman towards him. Without her weapons or magic, Robin was far too weak to fight against someone as strong as the Captain, so even when she tried to kick him, he easily parried it. He forcefully spread her legs and reached down to her belt, unfastening it. Shocked at what he was doing and fearful of what it was leading to, Robin renewed her struggles, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t pry him away. While it was slightly difficult, eventually Falcon was able to pull down Robin’s pants and panties, exposing her clean-shaven pussy.

Grinning at seeing her bare pussy, Captain Falcon bent forward and began to rub her pussy. Gasping in shock, Robin writhed under the racer as her body immediately began to betray her. In less than a minute her pussy was already getting wet, responding well to Falcon’s manipulations of her body. She panted and begged for him to stop, but in response, he leaned forward and grabbed her right breast, kneading the meaty mound while still finger fucking her pussy. What little strength Robin had was quickly drained as she whimpered helplessly under Falcon’s touch. When Falcon leaned down to suck her boob and lick and suck her nipple, Robin yelped in pleasure, humiliated at how hot her body was getting being used like this. He continued to assault Robin’s body for a while now, and by the end, any physical resistance had long since been ebbed away.

Smiling at the humiliated woman panting underneath him, Captain Falcon decided to take it to the next level. He grabbed the woman and flipped her over before positioning her on her hands and knees. Panting in exhaustion and arousal, Robin didn’t fight back as her body was re-positioned. When she felt Captain Falcon lift up her coat and expose her pussy and ass once again, terror overtook the tactician. She cried out and begged for Falcon not to do what he planned to do, but did not actually make a move to get away. Falcon smiled at her struggles and freed his cock, which was stiff as a board now. The bounty hunter slapped Robin’s ass a few times, causing the helpless woman to yelp weakly. He then rubbed his cock up and down her pussy, laughing as Robin’s body trembled with anticipation under Falcon’s cock.

Though she did not want to be raped, Robin nevertheless was too aroused to resist the bounty hunter anymore. Her mind told her to run away, especially once she felt the cock rub her pussy, but her body refused to listen. Then, Falcon decided to get the main event started and pushed his cock inward. Robin gasped as her body was invaded, but she still did not move to get away. In fact, her body became hotter as the cock stretched her opening. Falcon smiled as his cock easily slipped in, Robin’s pussy fitting like a warm glove around his cock. He then proceeded to pump in and out, gaining a steady rhythm fucking his helpless victim. Gasping in pleasure, Robin’s brain was getting more and more scrambled, the cock pounding her feeling absolutely wonderful. Chrom was a fine lover, but he was too straight laced to satisfy Robin like this. It didn’t take long for Robin to get sent over the edge and she broke, begging Captain Falcon to fuck her harder. Soon after, Falcon couldn’t hold on any longer and slammed his cock as far as he could go in Robin’s womb, exploding deep inside her. Screaming in pleasure, Robin was overwhelmed by the feeling of Falcon’s seed inside of her. Once he pulled out, the young woman no longer had the strength to support herself and she dropped to the ground, panting in exhaustion.

Elsewhere, Ganondorf was busy enjoying Corrin’s body for himself. He ripped off Corrin’s armor, leaving her completely naked except for her headband. The evil Gerudo didn’t bother to keep her armor intact, tearing it to pieces. After all, where she’s going, she’ll never be wearing something like that ever again. Ganondorf had to admire the woman’s flawless body. She may be part dragon, but her human form was virtually flawless. He fondled her perfect breasts for a few minutes and then rubbed her pussy, causing the woman to groan in her sleep. After amusing himself for a few minutes, Ganondorf dragged the unconscious woman over to the arena wall. Using his dark arts, Ganondorf conjured up shackles and chains bolted to the wall. He locked her ankles to the wall, then fastened the other shackles to her wrists, keeping her arms above her head. He stepped back and admired Corrin’s prone and vulnerable form and began to remove his own armor until he was also naked.

Corrin started to wake up soon after. Trying to shake the cobwebs out of her head, the groggy girl tried to remember what happened to her when she felt her arms restrained. Jolting awake, Corrin realized her arms were shackled above her head and that her ankles were restrained as well. Her worry increased once she found out she was completely naked. Panicking, the dragon girl tried to escape her bonds, but was unsuccessful. That was when she heard chuckling and looked before her. Her eyes bulged upon seeing the naked Ganondorf before her. His mighty frame towered over her, his well-defined muscles making her feel small and weak. But what was more frightening was his cock. It was long and stiff, standing erect and pointing straight at Corrin. She couldn’t take her eyes off it as she demanded to know what he wanted. The evil king laughed, telling her to guess as he walked over, his erect cock swinging before her. Though she was scared, Corrin found her body was betraying her, as her pussy was getting wet, especially when she pictured Ganondorf raping her in her head.

Standing right in front of Corrin, Ganondorf leered down at his prey, smirking. Wasting no time, he forced her legs open and simply slammed his cock in. No foreplay or preparation beforehand. Even though she had gotten wet, her pussy wasn’t anywhere near lubricated enough and his massive cock caused Corrin to scream in pain as she was violated. He pumped in and out of her body at a brutal pace, and it was all Corrin could do to keep a sane mind as she was being raped. The mighty log was stretching her pussy, something she had never felt before, and all she could do was groan at the assault. Corrin made the mistake of opening her eyes and looking up at her rapist. Ganondorf’s eyes had a look of pure triumph, power, and lust as he continued to fuck his prey. She felt her resolve dry up and her soul get weak. It was almost as if he deserved his victory and she just couldn’t admit it.

Some time later, Ganondorf’s brutal fucking was more than he could handle and he groaned, jamming his cock up Corrin’s womb and dumping his seed inside her body. Whimpering at being used like this, the dragon princess tried to regain her resolve as the mighty cock was pulled out, but she inwardly was forced to admit that her body felt a little empty without Ganondorf’s cock pounding her. Ganondorf then stepped to the side as Captain Falcon walked up, his cock also erect, but with juices already over it. She looked past him to see Robin on the floor, panting in a crumpled heap. Corrin put up a front and demanded they be released, but the two men just laughed. Falcon walked over and grabbed her arm with one hand and her breast with the other, kneading it as Ganondorf’s cock recovered quickly and became erect once again. As the two men leered at her body, Corrin knew she was in for a long day.

Several weeks later, Palutena walked out to the main parlor to greet Wario, Mona, Ganondorf, Bowser, and Captain Falcon. Smiling, she presented them with her newest completed projects and order them out. Robin and Corrin walked out. Both were wearing beautiful white dresses, with opposite shoulders exposed, that emphasized their tight, wondrous bodies. Corrin also wore a headdress that framed her face very sexily. The two ladies smiled at the men before them. After undergoing Palutena’s training, they no longer had any thoughts of freedom or of overthrowing any of the evil kings. Being a sex slave was going to be way too pleasurable to think about anything else now. And judging by the men’s smiles, they agreed that the girls had found their rightful place.

Going up to Ganondorf, Robin knelt down and asked if she could show off her skills to the Gerudo. After getting permission, Robin used only her teeth to remove Ganondorf’s mighty cock, as her mistress Lady Palutena had taught her to do. Seeing the large cock pop out made Robin so giddy that she could barely contain herself. She licked up and down the shaft, savoring the wonderful taste of his rod, also making sure his balls were attended to as well. Ganondorf requested a titty fuck, so she removed her dress top and began to pump his cock in between her breasts. Soon after, she took his massive cock in her mouth and attempted to get the whole thing down. Feeling like she was moving too slowly, Ganondorf grabbed Robin’s pigtails and began to face fuck her himself. Though she had been trained to lessen her gag reflex, it hadn’t gone away completely and Robin felt helpless in his grip. Though she panicked a bit, Robin made no attempted to stop him.

Meanwhile, Corrin had gone up to Wario and also knelt down before him. She sweetly asked permission if she could show off her submission by sucking his cock. Grinning with lust and confidence, Wario gave her permission. Gently taking his cock in her hands, she began to slowly pump the rod, getting it hard and stiff. She began to lick the shaft slowly, teasing the tip of the cock and paying special attention to the underside of the shaft. When she heard Wario moan, the new slut smiled. Soon after, she moved her hair to the side as she took the mighty dick in her mouth. Earnestly sucking on the cock, Corrin’s warm, loving touch was driving Wario wild. The former princess was genuinely happy that her techniques were having such an effect on her new Master.

The two newest additions to the harem did their best to please their new male Masters. Palutena looked on in happiness at seeing her work pay off, and she began to finger herself seeing the men get pleasured.

Sure, their forces of good were losing and evil was taking over the land around them, but that didn’t matter anymore.

After all, if you can’t beat them, serve them.

It was the best outcome for all involved.

(Continue to Part 8)


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